Sailability SA State Championships - GRYC -Report & results

SA Sailability State Championships 2012
SA Sailability State Championships 2012
Vicki Hughes, Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sailability SA State Championships - GRYC -Results & Reports from Sailability SA & GRYC Sailability


The Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club again hosted the 2012 Sailability St ate Championship this year and it was a closely contested Regatta with 25 Access Dinghies competing and a large group of volunteers to assist.
The sailors consisted of :    15 from GRYC
   7  from PASC
   1  from NSW (Bateman Bay)
   2  from Victoria.
The boats sailed consisted of :          1 Access 2.3 servo assist  -   Vic.
  1 Access 303 single  -   NSW
16 Access 303 doubles -  11 GRYC ,  5 PASC
  7 Access Liberties  -  5 GRYC,   2 PASC
The Series was raced over 2 days with 3 races scheduled for both days. 3 races were completed on Saturday in light winds with Marty Waller from Vic in a 2.3 leading the way around the course.
On Sunday the wind had increased to 18 to 23 knots so the 2 morning races went ahead but the afternoon race was abandoned as it was exceeding the wind limits for the Class.
The results :
 Access 2.2 servo assist    1st      Martin Waller                                              Vic.
Access 303                           1st       Peter Aspinal/Dennis Henderson          PASC
2nd     Tish Ennis                                                   NSW
3rd      Julie Langhorne/Warren Miller                GRYC
 Access Liberty                     1st      Chris Riodon                                              Vic
                    Equal  2nd    Graham Hamilton                                      PASC
                           Simon Thiele                                              GRYC
Many thanks to the team at Goolwa for organizing a very successful event and also to the volunteers from all the participating clubs .
John Johnston
President Sailability SA
Sailability SA invites any volunteers whether they be sailors or people who want to help run this program to contact the following coordinators for more information:
Adelaide Sailing Club                                        Deirdre Schahinger              0404033327
Port Adelaide Sailing Club                                Marg Ashton                         0409678737
Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club                              Brian Southcott                    0408553210
 Dis-Able Sailing                                                 Bob Schahinger                    0429043045


Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Sailability.
We are going from strength to strength with Sailability at Goolwa. In December we took delivery of four new 303 dinghies expanding our fleet to eight 303's plus two on lease from Sailability S.A. and two Liberties. At our February meeting we took out a record thirty sailors. A second sailing day each month has been created to facilitate race training for the State Championship entrants and we have had all twelve boats filled with competitors in training,
Our volunteers have had to contend with a higher work load with the expanded fleet and I commend them on their dedication and perseverance. GRYC is the only S.A. club to conduct Sailability sailing all year round and this will allow us to take the emphasis off racing for the winter season and do some cruising beyond the bridge and up to Narnu Bay.. In March the club took delivery of a 5.8 meter RIB which along with our rubber duck, will allow us to escort two groups of dinghies on the cruises.
“Goolwa Alive” is a community day created by Goolwa Traders each October with the closing of Cadell Street (the main road) and setting up community based stalls and entertainment. GRYC suggested to the Goolwa Alive committee the inclusion of boating clubs with their displays at the Goolwa wharf area. Various displays were set up at the wharf including Sailability. We conducted a “Come and Try” program and during the day a Gordon Phillips approached us and offered the use of his sailing boat called “As Good As It Gets”. We accepted his offer and now this 19 foot Day Sailer is being used by our disabled sailors to compete in the GRYC Twilight Races held on Fridays at 6pm. We are deeply grateful to Gordon for his sponsorship and volunteer work.
Sailability State Titles
The highlight of this year's program was the Sailability State Titles which we hosted on March the 3rd and 4th. Most boats arrived on Friday 2nd and were set up and berthed at the club with some sailors finding time to have a practice. This got us off to a good start on Saturday with the first race in light winds commencing at 11am. Tish Ennis led the 303's and was 1st over the line and on handicap, as she was sailing single handed. Chris Riordin was 1st in the Liberties and Martin Waller 1st in the 203. After the 1st race lunch was served to 80 appreciative sailors, crew and friends. The 2nd race commenced at 2.30pm also in light airs, with Tish Ennis 303 1st, Simon Thiele Liberty 1st and Martin Waller 203 1st. The wind was increasing for the 3rd race and Wayne Crabb in a 303 was able to capitalize getting 1st, Simon Thiele in a Liberty was 1st and Martin 203 in a fleet of one continued his position. Sixty stayed to enjoy tea put on by volunteers and appreciated the music played by “Unity Band”.
The 4th race started at 11am Sunday with 15 knot winds blowing across the river, so the course was rotated to suite. Julie Langhorne of GRYC was leading the 303's and could see a buoy set by the Aquatic club and for some time proceeded to it leading several other 303's astray. Peter Aspinal of PASC was not fooled and came 1st and Chris Riordin 1st in Liberties. The 5th race followed in 18 - 20 knot winds with several boats damaging rigging. The 1st 303 over the line was Peter Aspinal and Chris Riordin won in the Liberty. Race 6 scheduled for after lunch was cancelled due to the increasing wind, so boats were packed up and the sailors and crew retired to the clubhouse for presentation.
The Final placings were:-
303's                Peter Aspinal 1st          Tish Ennis 2nd              Julie Langhorne 3rd
Liberties          Chris Riordin 1st          Simon Thiele 2nd          Graham Hamilton 3rd
203's                Martin Waller 1st
Brian Southcott
Goolwa Regatta YC Sailability


SA Sailability State Championships 2012
SA Sailability State Championships 2012