YQ Youth Advisor

Yachting Queensland Board Youth Advisor

The Board of Yachting Queensland seeks a well-informed and proactive youth sailor to provide advice on current matters affecting youth sailing in Queensland.

Position: Yachting Queensland Board Youth Advisor

Short Title: YQ Youth Advisor

Age: 18-21 years old

Requirements: The YQ Youth Advisor must be an active sailor who is currently a member of a Yachting Queensland affiliated club.

Role Description: This is a voluntary position.

The YQ Youth Advisor commits to attending all YQ Board meetings, General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting and/or other special topic meetings as requested by the YQ President or Regional Manager. YQ Board Meetings are normally held every second month at the YQ Office Building at Manly during the evenings.

The YQ Youth Advisor commits to contributing to Board discussions and to being involved in projects as assigned by the YQ President or Regional Manager.

Applications:   The position of YQ Youth Advisor will be advertised by YQ to all affiliated clubs. Interested youth sailors are required to complete an application form and a written expression of interest. Applicants may be required to attend an interview conducted by a panel of YQ Board members and/or staff. The successful applicant, once offered the position, will have one week to accept the position and agree to the terms set by the Board and relevant policies and procedures.

Term: The YQ Youth Advisor position lasts for approximately 24 months, usually for the duration of a calendar year (January – December). The actual time frame may vary depending on the applicant’s availability, projects on which the YQ Youth Advisor is working or according to decisions made by the YQ Board.

Cancellation: Both the YQ Youth Advisor and the YQ Board can terminate the agreement by giving two weeks written notice.

Code of Practice, Policies and Procedures: The YQ Youth Advisory will also be required to agree to relevant Codes of Practice, Policies and Procedure Associated with the role of YQ Youth Ambassador including a strict Confidentiality agreement on certain topics discussed during meetings.

Reporting: The YQ Youth Advisor will report directly to the YQ President and the Executive Officer when and where necessary. 

To Register for the position please complete the below application form and return to Ben Callard via email; ben.callard@sailing.org.au