Volunteering is an excellent way of giving back to the community.  There are many varied options open to volunteers and the sailing community is one area that provides a wide range of activities to suit a volunteer's skill set. Being able to sail is not necessarily a required ability, as jobs range from administration to maintenance and lots more.

Most sailing clubs are not for profit, volunteer run organisations and rely heavily on the help and support given by volunteers.  It is a great way to get involved and form a social network and sailing appeals to people of all ages, from young children right through to the more mature aged person.

The Yachting Queensland website has a search facility for the sailing clubs in Queensland to contact and enquire about volunteering opportunities.

You can also find more information about volunteering in general on the Volunteering Queensland website.



Legal information for volunteers in Queensland

Workplace Health and Safety

Organisations who use volunteers have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011  This information is available on the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website. There are also detailed fact sheets developed by Safe Work Australia.

Civil Liability

The Queensland Civil Liability Act 2003 protects volunteers while undertaking voluntary community work for a state government agency, local government authority or an incorporated organisation. In order to be protected under this Act, volunteers must act in good faith and their work must be ‘organised’ which suggests formal control, supervision and a registration process.If a volunteer fulfils the conditions set by the Act, they are exempted from all civil liability for their actions.

Other useful links:

Commonwealth Volunteers Protection Act 2003 

Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies website.

Volunteering Queensland


Checks and screening

Volunteers may be required to undergo checks and screening for certain activities, dependent on organisational and legislative requirements. This includes volunteers who work with children and young people and volunteers who work with people with a disability. Click here for more information.


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