Sporting Schools Program



What is 'Sporting Schools'?

Sporting Schools is a national programme available to all Australian primary schools.

It will engage more children in more sport based activity within schools and then convert their interest into club based settings.

It will help children foster a lifelong interest in sport, gain a healthier mind and body, have fun and learn sport activities and games in a safe environment. 

Funding is available to schools to engage quality coaches to deliver the sporting programmes developed by the partners of Sporting Schools. These activities can be delivered to children before, during and after school. 

Sporting Schools aims to:

  • support sporting organisations in the delivery of great programmes that are suitable for children
  • provide schools with opportunities to get their children excited about sports through quality and diverse programmes
  • provide children with positive sporting experiences in the best possible way: by having a go
  • support schools and coaches through offering online coaching resources and information to help them run programmes 
  • engage more than 850,000 children across Australia in what will be the country’s largest school-based participation programme.


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