Who is YACT?

Yachting ACT is the Territory body for the sport of sailing in the Australian Capital Territory. Each state and territory in Australia has such a representative body, and these are sometimes referred to as MYAs, or Member Yachting Authorities, particularly in the 'Blue Book'- the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. All MYAs are separate entities, yet fall under the umbrella of Yachting Australia.

Yachting Australia is the national authority for yachting, and is often referred to as an MNA, a Member National Authority. They oversee the governance of the sport in our country, control the national training schemes, promote sailing, develop high performance programs and select national teams, distribute grants, and coordinate national events.

In Australia, we have a national membership scheme, which means that if you are a member of a sailing or yacht club, or a NSW Crew Club member, and you have paid your Yachting Australia/Yachting New South Wales membership fee for the current year, you are a member of both Yachting New South Wales and Yachting Australia.


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