Combined Clubs Docs

SCYC / MYC Combined Clubs Series (CCS)


  1. For the SCYC events run concurrently with CCS races, the CCS Sailing Instructions are supplementary to both clubs Sailing Instructions for SAMS races and only replace those relevant parts of each club’s current documents.

  2. Each CCS race will be scored both as a Combined Clubs Series race and as the scheduled SCYC race.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Please make yourself fully familiar with the document below.There are some changes compared to Club SIs.  
    Race Control is not obliged to provide explanations by VHF radio prior to or during a race.


Notice Board

AGM SCYC was held on 11th October. Please see new Committee below.


NOTICE TO SKIPPERS  A new Safety Declaration for CAT 4 for boats intending to race in club races was  due on 1st September 2017.


UPDATE to Sailing Calendar for 2017-2018:  

  Revised Edition   Oct.2017  can be found under DOCUMENTS


SCOR 2017 : For SCOR results for 2017 look under SCOR


CREW Positions

 If you or any of your sailing friends are interested in sailing with the SCYC please send an email indicating your availability, sailing experience and contact details to




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