Academy Member expectations

Some Academy members are high school leavers, others may be older and seeking a change of career. Some will be Australian citizens others will be foreign students. Some are graduates gaining experience in cruise ship operations or Maritime seatime. All join Academy as special persons with the same trainee membership status. Regardless, your Academy experience will be challenging and different from anything you have done before. Enjoy the opportunity.

The "Good Person" is one of our highest expectations. Academy understanding of "The Good Person'" is discussed in class at the beginning of your time with Academy. It is closely linked with your well being.

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Member Well Being: We want you to be happy and enjoying life to the full.

Watch teams: work in teams for everything you do.

Uniforms and Name Badges: Look smart at all times

Attendance to Rostered Duties: You must give your best attention to your rostered duties

Member accommodation: Members will share accommodation onboard a cruise ship.

Member behaviour: ACA has high expectations in relation to good behaviour.

Leave and Liberty: You can go ashore (Liberty) and take vacations (Leave)

NO Tobacco or Drugs!     Responsible use of alcohol is part of your hospitality training

Application for scholarship: Having considered the information provided and you wish to step forward to application, or discussion and application for scholarship, send request for return contact

  1. by SMS +61 4 1883 6137 OR
  2. email 

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