2 Week Vac. School is a pre-requisite for full time enrolment.

First opportunity for is start Sunday 7th July 2019. If student and Academy are happy, start Semester 2 Monday 22nd July 2019.

Students need to take a look at Cruise Academy Residentials and we need to take a look at you before we both commit to a full time training program. Good report from Vac school is essential for full time enrolment for minimum 10 week term.

SHORT COURSES: There is no re-requisite for short course enrolment if places are available.

  • Take a cruise adventure holiday program. High School students from year 10, 11 or 12 welcome to apply. 
  • Start a GAP year after High School - plenty of new ideas + activity VET units to maintain your living away from home youth allowance.
  • International students, improve your English Language & have fun
  • Start Duke of Edinburgh Award Click here International Youth Challenge
  • Vac.Schools 2019 - Mid term and summer vacations Skills training activities with a VET Statement of Attainment that can build into a Certificate Program or SACE points.
    • just for fun holidays 
    • to look at entry to Cruise Academy
    • Entry and exit port, usually your nearest major port, subject to cruise schedule

Normal Academy fees: Click here

Enrolment: Lodge you EOI early to claim your berth. Click here 

Vac School programs: 

Board the ship at the Port nominated in your enrolment confirmation, Your Summer Academy Master will meet you and introduce you to the ship, find your berth and settle in. 

Week 1

  • Welcome dinner first night. You will be allocated to you watch team and duty rosters which are ongoing during summer school.
  • Team building - Getting to know your watch team members and cabin mates
  • Shipboard routines and roster duties - working as team members
  • Provide First Aid - industry standard course.
  • Elements of shipboard safety courseEvacuation drill, Use of Life Jackets, Basic Fire Fighting, crowd management and communication. 
  • Other training programs current onboard for that week

Week 2 - start your plan

Students can build VET units to their program in subsequent Vac. Schools: 

* Cruise Hospitality units from SIT30616 (+ a selection of others if required)

  • BSBWOR203 – Work effectively with others
  • SITHIND001 -  Use hygienic practices for hospitality service
  • SITHFAB002 – Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • SITHACS001 - Clean premises and equipment
  • SITHFAB007 -  Serve food and beverage

* Kayaking, Canoeing

  • SISCAQU202A - Perform basic water rescues
  • SISOKYK302A - Apply kayaking / Canoeing skills 
  • SISOCNE202A - Perform deep water rescues kayaking / Canoeing

* Maritime Cert.II - Coxswain 1 near Coastal + Boat Licence + Seatime

  • Marine Radio operator certificate
  • HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid
  • MARB002 - Perform basic servicing and maintenance of main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems
  • MARC005 - Operate inboard and outboard motors
  • MARC006 - Operate main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems
  • MARF001 - Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
  • MARF002 - Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
  • MARF004 - Meet work health and safety requirements
  • MARF005 - Survive at sea using survival craft
  • MARH001 - Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARI001 -  Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARJ001 -  Follow environmental work practices
  • MARK001 -  Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARN002 -  Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres

We like positive Attitude. It will either make or break your chances.

  • Your attitude in everything you do is the best indicator of your future success. This is our greatest consideration when offering continuation with Academy. 
  • Report of good "attitude" from your Vac School is one of the best ways to secure the future you seek. We look for this in you during Vac School and report accordingly. We show you how things are to be done and you develop your best at what we show you through practise.
  • When you have achieved your Best, you are then qualified to suggest improvement in what we do.
  • Academy strongly supports participation in the International Youth Network Duke of Edinbugh Award. Start your award with Academy.

Our meaning of "attitute" is best summarised in the mantra:-

Good, Better, Best.
I will never rest,
Until my Good is Better
And my Better, Best.

Look at this Video. Click here. These young people have got it. 

It does not matter what it is. How did they get there?

Phone 0418 836 137 for discussion about joining Vac School.

Enrolment: Lodge you EOI early to claim your berth. Click here  

* Subject to RTO registration expected December 2018

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