Academy admissions Start Semester 2, 23rd July '19

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Holiday Resorts 
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Fly with Eagles. Don't spend your time with Turkeys

Be an eagle.

Finished High School? Spread your wings and enjoy your next adventure. 

Already Hold a Certificate? You need experience and a reference.

International Students Australian Accredited Training or work experience reference

  • IELTS preparation Course. Spend time talking and working with English speaking people. No time limit to gain your English skills
  • No student visa required. Enter with Australian Marine Crew Visa
  • Hospitality & Care Services training and learn English
  • Australian Academy Certificate of Business Experience
  • Maritime Seatime Log or Task Book signature

Academy welcomes mature age new start entry Click for details

  • Do something different. Enjoy the cruise as a student.
  • Make it a family event with your high school leaver
  • Quality Australian Accredited training  
  • 4 Star Hospitality Industry experience  
  • Detailed Reference & Certificate

Before you go any further read Cruise Academy expectations: Click here   

Academy Costs = (Fees + Time & Effort) = great value:  click here 

Interested? Application for entry to Academy any time

Write a job application style letter as an expression of interest to the Principal to secure your residential scholarships. Letter must include as much information as possible about you for Academy to consider your bid for a scholarship:

  • Tell Principal why you would be such a great Academy team member. 
  • In your letter explain why a place with Australian Cruise Academy is so important for you.
  • Based on what you write in your letter, Academy may require a 2 week Qualifying Residency first (Summer or Mid-term Vacation) before we accept your application. We need to look at you. You need to look at Academy life before be both agree to proceed with your scholarship.

Send your expression of interest to 

  • We will place application on the list of interested students and confirm receipt of application by email.
  • We will contact you again when applications are being considered.

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