Academy admissions commence in July 2018

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Australian Students enjoy your next learning adventure, spread your wings

  • Finish High School, Enrol in Residential VET College, Get Certificates
  • Fly with eagles. Don't spend your time with turkeys

Internationals Volunteer, improve English + Australian Business Certificate

  • Australian Business Intern Certificate of Experience
  • Maritime Seatime Log signature
  • Improve English Language

Commence July 2018
Quality Australian Accredited training  
4 Star Hospitality Industry experience  
Detailed Reference & Certificate

You learn by doing it - - - Not just thinking about it. 

Read our Academy expectations before you go any further: Click here   

Costs = (Money + Time & Effort) = great value:  click here

July 2018 intake - Semester 2    * Subject to RTO Registration

  • * Beginners SIT30416 Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts (Cruise Ship, super yacht, holiday resort)  click here 
  • Graduate Extension Seatime Experience - scholarship to gain cruise ship experience as a trainee in some form of accredited training enrolment.
    • MaritimeLogged sea time or Task book supervision
    • Hospitality -
      • Industry experience for course members in other training programs
      • graduates from Cert.III, are admitted to extension units.
  • English Language course to various study standards
  • GAP Year - take some enjoyable VET (recreation boat skills training) time to consider your future

Take a VET Vac School to have a look

  • Mid term holidays - 2 week schools
  • Summer holidays - 6 week school

Entry any time Minimum 10 week contract

  • Hospitality experience industry RTO workplace placement Click here
  • Mature Age Academy Mentor Cruise volunteer scholarship Click here
  • Qualifying Seatime - Volunteer Maritime graduates: Click here 
  • English Language Course Scholarship  Click here

Cruise areas: Australian Ship Management Pty Ltd operates cruises:

2018 - Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane

Australian Government assistance for Australian Citizens:

Living Expenses:

  • Social security benefits are maintained while enrolled in approved, work related VET training courses.

Training Fees:

  • VET fee Help is available for Diploma enrollment by Australian citizens
  • Some Australian candidates may qualify for state government fee help for certificate courses

There are no Australian Government fees assistance for foreign applicants

Application for enrolment with Academy

All applicants are to make their best pitch as if it were an application for employment to secure their residential scholarships

  • Application for a berth with Academy can be made at any time.
  • Send your Application pitch to 
  • All applications will be considered by Academy staff and the result of the application will be communicated within two weeks.
  • If successful the offer of a berth including date of availability will be sent to applicant.

Confirmation of acceptance of offer is to be made within two weeks together with a deposit of the $500 contingency bond to the Academy trust Account.

  • Applications will be accepted from any Nationality that can be granted an Australian Marine Crew Visa.
  • Australian citizens do not require a marine crew visa for enrollment. 
  • Applications for scholarship from people who will be under 18 years of age on admission will be subject to extra conditions relating to care and guardianship.

Successful applicants donate basic living costs and Time to their cruise Academy scholarship:

  • A limited number of Scholarships are available.
  • Members negotiate their donation to support their scholarship during the application process.
  • Donations are payable fortnightly on the member's shipboard account. 
  • Preliminary enrollment is for a 10 week assessment period after which confirmation of continuing place will be considered.
  • Normal programs are in periods of 20 week semesters.
  • Academy offers Competency Training.
    • There is no pass or fail
    • You are either competent to high quality industry standards
      • OR not yet competent so keep working at it.
    • There is no time limit in Academy to schieve the required standards.
  • You can complete your Scholarship at any level of acheivement with honour at the completion of each period with a passing out dinner. You will receive an Academy Award Certificate and a Statement of Attainment of competency to high quality industry standard.
  • Regardless you will have had a great experience and have documented evidence of your acheivements in formal statement and reference.
  • Enrollment can be extended subject to good report.

Phone 0418 836 137 or email for details.

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