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Fly with Eagles. Don't spend your time with Turkeys

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High School Leavers spread your wings and enjoy your next adventure.

Already Hold a Certificate? add to it and get experience reference

International Students Australian Accredited Training or work experience reference

Academy welcomes mature age new start entry Click for details

  • Do something different. Enjoy the cruise as a student.
  • Make it a family event with your high school leaver
  • Quality Australian Accredited training  
  • 4 Star Hospitality Industry experience  
  • Detailed Reference & Certificate

Before you go any further read Cruise Academy expectations: Click here   

Academy Costs = (Fees + Time & Effort) = great value:  click here 

Interested? Application for entry to Academy - any time

  • Write a letter to the Principal as a job application to secure your residential scholarships. 
    • NB For High School Leavers, 6 week Qualifying Residency comes first (Summer or Mid-term Vacation).
  • Tell Principal why you would be such a great Academy team member. 
  • In your letter explain why a place with Australian Cruise Academy is so important for you.

Send your Application to 

  • If your application is successful, the offer of a berth including date of availability will be sent to you within two weeks.

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