GAP Year. Take a Living away from home youth allowance. Build Happy skills. Think your future.

  • Finished High School.
  • Time to spread your wings.
  • Meet new people. 
  • Become tribal.
  • Have some adventures.
  • Think about what next.
  • Strengthen you ICan kitbag.
  • Relax from high pressure study.

Take a GAP year adventure on the ships at sea or on the river. Learn new things and develop new skills.

Enroll in a Cruise Academy certificate program and satisfy your training obligation.

  • Boating activities - are you a boating person?
    • Marine Radio operator Certificate
    • Provide First Aid
    • Cert.II Coxswain 1 Power boat Licence + Seatime = commercial ticket
    • Cert.III in Outdoor Recreation - Canoeing / Kayaking / sailing
    • Cert.III in Engineering (Boating Services) build a canoe or sail boat
    • Start your Duke of Edinburgh award (great for resume)
  • Cert.III in Tourism & Hospitality on the cruise ships - these are all good for cash jobs while doing future study.
    • Provide First Aid
    • Bar skills
    • Food service skills
    • Housekeeping
    • Disability care skills

Make sure you are happy with Academy Expectations. Click here   

Phone Academy on 0418 836 137 to discuss options