VHF Marine Radio Operator

The VHF Marine Radio Operator Certificate 

Recreational vessels outside 2 nautical miles from shore are required to have a Marine Two Way Radio, either 27mhz or VHF fitted and operational onboard their boat.

  • The 27mhz Marine Two way Radio does not require a licence to operate. 
  • The VHF Marine Radio on your boat requires a person holding a VHF Marine Radio Operator Certificate on the boat when outside of the 2 NM limit.

Inland waters vessels tend to rely on UHF or CB Radio for communications with other vessels and land bases.

  • UHF is not a Marine Two Way radio and does not comply with the requirement to have a marine radio onboard outside of the 2NM limit.
  • Qualified commercial crew operating on inland waters will already hold the VHF Certificate and use standard radio protocol.
  • Recreational River skippers using UHF should at least note the procedures and comply with safety procedures.

Application for VHF Marine Radio operator Certificate

The Office of Marine Communications Click here regulates the VHF and other commercial marine radios. To enrol in a course, follow the instructions and pay on-line.

Exam invigilation: Principal, Australian Cruise Academy, Capt Bouc, is an invigilator for the examinations.

  • Nominate him on your application, address 6, Mcmurtrie Place, SEATON SA 5023 for postal address required for delivery of the exam papers.
  • Contact Bouc on 0418 836 137 for coaching assistance or to make an examination appointment. 

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