Qualifying residential at Adelaide Residence.

6 week pre-shipboard qualifying residential training 

Students need time to look at the Academy programs and discipline.
Academy needs time to look at the students.
Admission to ships is accepted if both Student and Academy agree

Qualifying Residentials are scheduled during school vacations

  • 6 week Summer Vacation 
  • 3 x 2 week mid-term Vacations  

Program Content - accredited training

  • Knowing the boundaries and having fun. Life is meant to be enjoyable.
  • Accepting challenge and assessing risk.
  • Discipline and respect for leadership roles.
  • Team building and up close care for each other including mental health
  • Maintaining personal health and fitness – drug awareness & recognition
  • Personal defence training – both physical and verbal techniques
  • First Aid, shipboard safety and water rescue/survival
  • Safe food handling, preparation and presentation
  • Personal grooming, housekeeping, maintenance of personal space
  • Crowd control and leadership
  • Water adventure skills development

Qualifying review and application for full shipboard enrolment

  • Students maintain a log of their experiences and feelings in preparation for their personal qualifying review – they need to be sure they want to continue.
  • Academy Masters take careful note of student’s overall potential for success in shipboard Cruise Academy life style.
  • Student and Academy Master attend qualifying interview with Principal to consider application for full time enrolment in an Australian Cruise Academy program on the ships.
  • The principal may offer a place if found worthy of membership of Ship Teams

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