Class Champions (State/National/World)

1972-1973  State  NS 14  Honey  Bruce Avery
1973-1974  State  NS 14  Honey  Bruce Avery
1974-1975  State  NS 14  Watty  J Robertson
1974-1975  State-NSW  Pacer  Yrangie  P Coughlan
1976-1977  State  NS 14  Aspen II  Neville Sarroff
1976-1977  State  NS 14  Venetia  Graeme Cole
1977-1978  State  NS 14  Aspen  Neville Sarroff
1977-1978  State  Corsair  Impi  K Stallard
1978-1979  State  Corsair  Hume’iliator  K Stallard
1979-1980  State  Stingray  Rebel  John Hawksworth
1981-1982  State  Farr 7500  Scallywag  K Allen
1982-1983  State-NSW  Corsair  Agapanthus  Barry Thomson
1982-1983  State  Farr 6000  Do Ray Mee  A Clapham
1983-1984  State  Farr 6000  Do Ray Mee  A Clapham
1983-1984  State  NS 14  Feathertop  M Baker
1983-1984  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
1990-1991  National  Noelex 25  Scotch & Dry  D Thomson
1990-1991  State  Hydra  Two Paw  D Thomson
1990-1991  State  Laser Masters  William Tell  Terry Caldwell
1992-1993  State  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
1995-1996  State  Sunmaid  Orca  C Avery
1997  State  Sunmaid 20  Orca  C Avery
1998  World Jnr  Tasar  Amaroo  L Riddell
2001  State  Sonata 26  Moonlight  Rob Minato
2002  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2002  State  Noelex 25  Scotch & Dry  D Thomson
2002  State  Sonata 26  Zilzie Express  John Carle
2003  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2003  State  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2004  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2004  State Jnr  Impulse  Boat Race  Alex Kalin
2006  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2006  National Jnr  Impulse     Alex Kalin
2007  State  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2007  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2008  World Jnr  Int Canoe  Kaotic  Alex Kalin
2008  National  Noelex 25  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2009  State  TY  Plane Sailing  P Kalin
2010  State  TY  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2010  National  Noelex 25  Pisces  Terry Caldwell
2011  National  TY  Plane Sailing  P Kalin
2014  National U/16 Women  Laser 4.7  Blonde Ambition  Laura Thomson
2015  State Women  Laser radial  Blonde Ambition  Laura Thomson 
2015  State  Hansa 303    Stewart Cathie
2016  State  Hansa 303    Stewart Cathie



 Saturday 24th AND Sunday 25th

  Hartley TS Vic State  

  Championship Regatta  

(Joining in with the AWYC Club racing on Sunday)

Support needed for race management and for Saturday night Galley Crew

If you can help please tell us on


  SAILABILITY  (Saturday)


 This is open to people of all ages with a disability, including intellectual and physical. 
Come along and have a short sail in one of our Hansa dinghies for $5 per person who sails.

To have a go at sailing please register here

To volunteer please email:
SET UP from 11am, sailing from 12 noon to 3pm

   Sunday 25th February  

  Club Racing from 0900  

Sailing @ AWYC in pictures

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