Commodore's Trophy

1979-1980  Thirsty Boots  Bruce Legg
1980-1981  Humpty Dumpty  Neville Sarroff
1981-1982  Valkyrie  Graeme Cole
1982-1983  Aspen III  Neville Sarroff
1983-1984  Shaz Too  Brian Moriarty
1984-1985  Valkyrie  Graeme Cole
1985-1986  Laid Back  John Hawksworth
1986-1987  Laid Back  John Hawksworth
1987-1988  Knot-a-Worry  Clive Faul
1988-1989  Su  Peter Lenaghan
1989-1990  Two Paw  Donald Thomson
1990-1991  WAM  Herman Van Ree (Jnr)
1991-1992  Amaroo  Terry Caldwell
1992-1993  Irish Mist  Wally Donkers
1993-1994  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
1994-1995  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
1995-1996  Mararae  Ken Evans
1996-1997  Scotch & Dry  David Thompson
1997-1998  Gone with the Wind  Neil Geddes
1998-1999  Gone with the Wind  Neil Geddes
2000-2001  Scotch & Dry  David Thompson
2001-2002  Scotch & Dry  Terry Caldwell
2002-2003  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2003-2004  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2004-2005  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2005-2006  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2006-2007  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2007-2008  Name removed by request  Name removed by request
2008-2009  Executive Suite  Herman Van Ree
2009-2010  Pisces  Terry Caldwell
2010-2011  Pisces  Terry Caldwell
2011-2012  Pure RS  Donald Thomson
2012-2013  Mid-Life Crisis  Daryl Stone
2013-2014  Mid-Life Crisis  Daryl Stone 
2014-2015  Executive Suite   Herman Van Ree 
2015-2016  Mondial  Mark Harris
2016-2017  Pisces  Terry Caldwell


"Name Removed by Request"



 Saturday 24th AND Sunday 25th

  Hartley TS Vic State  

  Championship Regatta  

(Joining in with the AWYC Club racing on Sunday)

Support needed for race management and for Saturday night Galley Crew

If you can help please tell us on


  SAILABILITY  (Saturday)


 This is open to people of all ages with a disability, including intellectual and physical. 
Come along and have a short sail in one of our Hansa dinghies for $5 per person who sails.

To have a go at sailing please register here

To volunteer please email:
SET UP from 11am, sailing from 12 noon to 3pm

   Sunday 25th February  

  Club Racing from 0900  

Sailing @ AWYC in pictures

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