Alison Chapman's Tips F11 Gybe Procedure

2006/2007 NSW State Titles Round 1
2006/2007 NSW State Titles Round 1






Alison Chapman’s Tips


F11 Gybe Procedure



(Before attempting gybe, skipper should ensure crew knows intended new boat direction and wind angle after gybe, i.e. tight shy, 3/4 or square.


Skipper should also know and communicate the desired new course planned, high or low, depending on the possible effect of following boats)




1)   Skipper lets crew know intention to gybe, stands up with feet apart in a position to balance boat and takes kite sheet from crew


2) Crew pulls leeward tweaker on and lets out windward, stands up astride centrecase and pushes centreboard down


3) Skipper eases kite sheet and pulls kite brace to compensate for tweaker adjustment, bears away, squaring kite to keep it floating.


4) Skipper calls for "boom over" and steers boat to dead square


5) Crew releases pole launcher, making sure pole returns completely


6) Crew releases jib sheet with one hand, ducks down and pulls boom over with the other, then immediately stands up, pulling pole launcher about 300 to 400mm as body rising.


7) Skipper continues to float kite while steering through the gybe (figure "S" course), coming as close to new course as possible without spilling kite


8) Crew puts new brace in pole hook, maintaining 2 fingers over to avoid it dropping out of hook. At same time, using other hand, pulling launcher as hard and fast as possible. As soon as fingers no longer needed over new brace, use both hands to complete pole launch, fast and completely


9) Skipper eases brace (from floating) to allow pole to go out and brings boat to new course, adjusting main as necessary.


10) Skipper hands sheet to crew and adjusts brace


11) Crew raises centreboard and moves quickly to the correct balancing position to suit course, sheets kite as needed then sets jib sheet (off more being preferable to not enough)


12) Skipper checks vang, outhaul and cunningham tensions

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