Alison Chapman's Tips F11 Spinnaker lowering Procedure

1336 Hydromattic - Matt Stenta and Sam Holmes
1336 Hydromattic - Matt Stenta and Sam Holmes






Alison Chapman’s Tips


F11 Spinnaker lowering Procedure


(Assume you are approaching a leeward mark and will be on the same tack after you round.)


1) Before rounding, skipper should ensure crew knows the intended new boat direction and if there may be a quick tack necessary after rounding.


2) Skipper, on approach to mark, calls crew for kite drop. If intending to gybe around mark, follow gybe procedure without re-launching pole.


3) Crew hands kite sheet to skipper, stands up astride centreboard case, pushes centreboard right down and releases pole launcher


4) Skipper pulls the windward brace right in while still concentrating on sailing the boat to the mark


5) Crew grabs kite at tack (brace corner) and gathers rest of foot of kite into one hand directly above kite basket. With other hand, stretch up to grab gathered kite as high as you can reach, while skipper releases halyard and starts to lower at same rate as crew can gather sail. Crew pulls down upper handful and reaches up with other hand for the rest of the kite and stows all in basket.


6) Crew stuffs clew (sheet corner) of spinnaker under kite pole kicker, on forward buoyancy tank, to stop it blowing out of boat and grabs jib sheet. Important note is for crew to ensure that kite sheet has not dropped below bow of boat while dropping. (If it has, move forward and lift it over the bow before rounding)


7) As skipper rounds mark, crew pulls in jib sheet at rate to match wind direction change, just keeping jib full (not backing) until it is in to the on-a-wind position.


8) Crew moves to correct position to balance the boat for beating


9) If crew has not completed kite drop at rounding, both skipper and crew remember that having the jib on after rounding is far more important (and time costly if it's not) than stowing the last of the kite


10) Skipper checks vang, outhaul and cunningham tensions

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