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Alison Chapman’s Tips


F11 Roll-tacking Procedure



This method of tacking your F11 will produce smooth, trouble-free tacks and maintain as much speed as possible through the tack, then give "kick-start" acceleration in the new direction.


In all but the lightest wind, both skipper and crew should be on the windward side of the boat before the tack begins.


1) Using the least amount of rudder movement, lean the boat to windward as it turns up into the wind.


2) Stay on the windward gunwale until the boat leans so far to windward that the gunwale almost touches the water.


3) Crew lets the jib go as the boat comes head to wind and takes the new sheet through under the boom, going head first, feet last and at the same time as the skipper.


4) Both turn and sit on to the new tack windward gunwale, crew pulling on the jib sheet and cleating while already starting to hike on the new tack. In lighter wind, the crew stays on the old tack windward side and holds the jib sheet until the skipper can take it and cleat it.


5) Skipper pulls the mainsheet on as soon as the sail will fill on the new tack.

The action of the boat coming from a leaning to windward on the old tack to an upright position on the new fills the sail faster and helps to make the boat accelerate away on the new tack.


Note: a) Main is still filling although boat is past head to wind,

b) Little rudder is being used to turn the boat and

c) Starboard gunwale is touching the water.


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