Fiesty F11s R3
Fiesty F11s R3






Alison Chapman’s Tips





1. Which end of line is favoured?

2. Which side of the course do we want to sail?

3. How are we going to get to that side from where we want to start?

4. Which way is the tide/current going?

5. Which way is the wind likely to swing?

6. Are we going to be in the best place to take advantage of that swing?

7. Is there going to be "pressure" where we're planning to sail?

8. Is the boat set up to get instant speed "out-of-the-blocks"? VANG?


1st LEG

1. Have we got clear air? VANG?

2. Where is the next line of "pressure"?

3. Are we on the right tack to get the most advantage from that "pressure"?

4. Do we need to get into or out of the tide?

5. Is crew feeding skipper info of lifts or knocks ahead?

6. Are we covering the opposition by being between them and the mark?

7. Have we got clear air (again) ? VANG?



1. Are we going to have right-of-way at the mark?

2. Should we gybe before setting the kite?

3. Can we get into a position to round the mark with other boat(s), to allow us to go in the direction we want to after rounding?

4. Is crew aware of what skipper wants to do at the mark?

5. Skipper ask crew to say when boat gets to "2 boat lengths before the mark".

6. If we've decided NOT to gybe at the mark and have reached the 2 boat length area, is the pole set up with the brace attached?



1. Is kite/pole set square enough? VANG?

2. Has centreboard been raised?

3. Where's the next "pressure"?

4. Do we need to get into or out of the tide?

5. Are the boats ahead (if any) running out of wind?

6. Would we be heading closer to the leeward mark on the other gybe?

7. Are we going to be over-run by other boats?

8. Should we go higher or lower to stay out of their shadow?

9. How do we want to approach the leeward mark and on which gybe? (so that the kite's on the right side for the NEXT set?

10. Will we have buoy room from others or will they have it on us?

11. Is boat set up for next windward leg - 1) outhaul 2) cunningham 3) VANG!


National Championships 2019

Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club

2019 National Flying 11 Championships

12 to 18 January 2018

Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club

Bookings now open at Trybooking.

For more informaton go to the Event Homepage


NSW States Round 2

Belmont 16ft Sailing Club

16-17 February 2019

Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club

Event Homepage

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