Alison Chapman's Tips - F11 Rigging procedure

NSW Sprints 2006
NSW Sprints 2006






Alison Chapman’s Tips

F11 Rigging procedure

1) Boat lifted out to ramp

2) Boat bender set up on mast

3) Feed Spinnaker halyard through mast step

4) Mast up, one holding mast

5) Attach sidestays and bender

6) Tension on bender

7) Tip boat (ensure padding under gunwale)

8) More tension on bender

9) Jib on bow first, then at hounds

10) Release tension on bender

11) Bender off mast

12) Main up, ensure sail right up to bottom of top mast band and quick release pin is working

13) Check batten tension enough to remove wrinkles

14) Check shockcord is on head of jib and spin halyard outside it

15) Tape shackle, vernier and exposed swages at head of jib to avoid snagging spinnaker

16) Boat upright and tie in cradle/dolly

17) Ensure boat head to wind

18) Jib downhaul attached

19) Jib sheets attached

20) Tape sidestay verniers and exposed swages

21) Tape jib shackle and exposed swages on bow

22) Boom on

23) Main outhaul attached

24) Attach spin pole topper/ kicker

25) Feed pole launcher and check it's working

26) Mainsheet attached and threaded

27) Check mainsheet knot stops boom clear of sidestay to allow spin pole room to come in or out

28) Mainsail cunningham hook on sail

29) Attach vang to boom

30) Thread spinnaker halyard with double fig 8 in end

31) Check jib sheet angle

32) Feed Spin brace/sheet through tweaker blocks

33) Attach spin brace/sheet to tack/clew

34) Clear spin halyard down mast and attach to head of spinnaker

35) Hoist spin to ensure no tangles/twists

36) Drop into basket and clip brace and halyard

37) Pull both tweakers on

38) Get tank tops and screw loosely

39) If blowing hard, tie boat to ramp

40) Get changed

41) Take foils to water's edge

42) Launch boat, hold head to wind


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