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We believe your time with us in the Flying Elevens should be as fun and memorable as it can be, so we have developed a method of recording a brief Sailor's Profile providing some history of each and every sailor in the class. It is purely optional.

This information will be most useful for us to be able to write better articles on your experiences in the class.

It obviously contains only the information you provide yourself to us in this form.  We would like to publish information about our young sailors in future articles and on our website and we feel it will be a interesting way for our fleet to find out more about each other.

We plan to link your profiles to your action photos on occassion to enhance the readers experience when viewing our web page articles. 

You of course can elect to stop any information provided from being published at any time by contacting us at

Here is the form to submit your SAILOR'S PROFILE. Have fun with it and let's see what your friends have been up to in sailing to date, you might be able to form a future crew relationship with each other etc.

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Date Of Birth
Current F11 Boat And Who Is Your Crewmate
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How Long Have You Been Sailing F11s
Tell Your Sailing History In Brief [100 words]
What Other Boats/Classes Do You Currently Sail/Skipper/Crew
What’s Your Most Memorable Sailing Achievement
What’s Your Most Favourite Sailing Memory [50 words]
Who Would Be Your Sailing Mentor
What Do You Like about the F11s [50 words]
What Are Your Future Sailing Goals
What Would You Like To See Happen In F11s
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2018 Gill Flying 11 National Championships 

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Dates: 13th - 19th January 2018


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2017 2018 NSW State Titles

2017-18 NSW State Championships

Round 1

Date 4th/5th November 2017

Location Port Kembla Sailing Club (PKSC)

Round 2

Date 17th/18th February 2018

Location Belmont 16ft Sailing Club (B16'SC)

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