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David Price, Wednesday, 10 December 2008

We had an interesting regatta at Gosford over the weekend, didn't we?

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"I have again come to realise that there is nothing anywhere in the world as suitable for 10 to 18 year olds as the F11's. "

"Fantastic boats in a breeze, incomparable on reaches, physically testing at times, tolerant of a wide range of weights, light skippers can match up with heavier crews, heavier and rapidly growing skippers can remain competitive by using smaller younger crews, thereby introducing the younger ones to the class. "

"Sensible class rules allow minor developments and the opportunity for some individualisation - important if our young sailors are to fully develop knowledge and skills. M
ore than competitive with any other boat of similar size in any conditions, and despite its relatively long history, still "state of the art"?"  

"This boat has some history but has also stood the test of time....  If you were going to redesign it for the next 20 years there is little that you would want to change."

 Peter Moore 2008
Volvo 70s & F11 PRO

In this issue:

  • The BIG ONE - F11 Training Camp 20-22 Dec
  • 1824 PREMIUM BEEF 2008-2009 NSW CHAMPS ROUND 1
  • Things Worth Noting
  • 2009-2012 Racing Rules Of Sailing

  • F11 Training Scheme

  • Eden Nationals Update

  • Achievement Awards - CYCA YSA Scholarships

  • Editors Ramble


Pre-Nationals F11 Training Camp 20-22nd Dec MHYC


  It's on in just over a week so you will need to hurry! Can I suggest you get this done by this Friday 12th please - organising these camps takes a bit of work and we must arrange numbers early!


We are expecting this pre-nationals training camp for Flying 11s to be the biggest camp so far, with the support of the YNSW Association - it's going to be huuuuuggge!


The camp is designed to help all levels of skill achieve their best for the up-coming F11 Nationals at Twofold Bay in Eden which starts on Sunday 11th January 2009. Three days of flying 11 training amongst all your friends, with more coaches than you could point a stick at! What a hoot.


The 3 day camp will be conducted by 2 senior coaches and 2 junior coaches from YNSW, together with up to 10 trainee coaches from our F11 ranks who recently undertook the YNSW Instructor Courses under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.


The conditions at the sound in Sydney Harbour will be similar to the conditions expected at Twofold Bay, so this is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Timetable - RIGGED BY 9:30 - Lunch 12:30 - Concluding 4pm.


Any queries prior to this extravaganza can be directed to

Please complete the attached "submit" Application and Indemnity Form asap to be part of the action. This will be your last chance to get the "edge" for your best performance at Eden.





We had an interesting regatta at Gosford over the weekend, didn't we?


We got three good races in over the weekend with opportunity for all crews to succeed and show off their skill.


We had an enormous fleet of 76 boats for a state titles at a club that unfortunately has dropped the Flying Eleven class since last year (more on this below).


We had the biggest array of clubs competing in over a decade: Avalon, Belmont, Cronulla, Greenwich, Hornsby, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Manly, Middle Harbour, Port Hacking, and Royal Price Alfred, a total of 11 clubs.


We had winds from every direction of the compass (more on this below too).


We had wind strengths ranging from 5-20kts.


We had smooth and rough conditions, rain, hail [almost] and shine!


Over 400 people congregated to compete, watch and participate in this event.


All this was conducted by a very SMALL group of VOLUNTEERS. Their hard work was immeasurable, their experience varied, but their goal and focus to provide you all with the best experience they could possibly offer was unwavering.


I'm exhausted after this weekend, and I know the NSW team are too. I congratulate all who donated their blood sweat and tears to pull this one off.


I also congratulate all the Flying Eleven sailors who stuck it out in good spirits, and well done to the leaders of Round 1 - 1363 CRUNCHIE Olivia and Maddie. All crews had to endure the terribly frustrating re-starts and a number of abandoned races.


Full reports on each race can be found on our website. Race 1, Race 2, Race 3.


Things Worth Noting .


  Please take note of the modifications to the RRS 2005-2008 in our Notice of Race[s] for our States and our National titles where we have changed the need for you to now have a red flag if you wish to protest in these regattas [see rule 3a of the NoRs], and where the protest committee can impose other penalties other than disqualification [see rule 3b of the NoRs].


  NoR[s] rules 1b. Only 1 set of sails, 1 centreboard, 1 rudder and 1 mast shall be allowed to be used during the regatta, unless written approval has been obtained from the race committee following loss or damage. This obviously applies to the second round of the states (Round 2) at Belmont - you must use the same sails you used in Round 1 as it is a series. Your new jib you put on for the nationals lets say cannot be used - it would be cheating. Take care on this one.


  If you are not going to Eden for the nationals but would be interested in chartering your boat, contact me at


  If you know of crew available or you need crew, contact me at and we will link you up.


Eliza Kluckow (HHSC) is seeking a crew for her at the Flying 11 Nationals, and you can contact her via or on 0408 162 115.




2009-2012 Racing Rules Of Sailing [new Blue Book]

 Don't go down to Eden without the new RRS 2009-2012 "Blue Book" which takes effect from January 1 2009.

Here are the new rules with the amendments highlighted in red - 2009-2012 Blue Book Showing Changes to 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing .

You can order your copy from the YA website but allow sufficient time - it's Xmas.

F11 Training Scheme
 More on this later, but the association will be running winter training camps from various F11 centres such as Cronulla, Belmont, Pittwater and Upper Harbour. Combined clubs and classes of boats will be assisted by our association and one training day a month will take place over 5 months for all who wish to take part.
These camps will comprise of approximately 25 boats on each occasion. They will be utilising all our F11 newly and soon to be accredited instructors. Last year's trial of this system was a great success so stay tuned.


Eden Nationals Update

Notice of Race is available, as is the On-Line Entry for our 2009 Nationals so get clicking. The cost goes up soon.

Achievement Awards - CYCA YSA Scholarships

I was kindly given 4 CYCA Youth Sailing Academy half-scholarships to be awarded to our young achievers in the Flying Eleven class this last weekend.

Due to the lateness of the finish to the last race, we did not have the opportunity to award these to the lucky recipients as planned in front of you all.

The Youth Sailing Academy and the Flying Eleven Sailing Association of Australia have entered into a new relationship where young F11 sailors are given the opportunity to attend an Introductory, Intermediate or Talented Sailor Squad course. These courses are conducted for 12-18 year olds and the crews sail on their fleet of 10 Elliot 6m sports boats where they learn the art of small yacht sailing at Rushcutters Bay.

Many F11 sailors have been and are involved with one of the YSA programmes - list is quite extensive. These programmes obviously are a lot of fun but also do some good for your dinghy sailing. They do not conflict with your F11 programme so they are very worthwhile. Just ask Olivia Price who has been involved with these programmes since 2005 and is now part of the Australian Sailing Development Squad and training for the 2012 Olympics in the Women's Match Racing event.

On behalf of the National Association and the CYCA YSA,  our congratulations for these half scholarship Achievement Awards go to:

Tayla Linnegar - Pt Hacking SC
Matt Kearns - Middle Harbour YC
Matt Mayall - Avalon SC
Jamie Vandervoort - Belmont 16'SC

The association will forward these worthy recipients their awards accordingly.

These programmes are available to you all, and you may get further information by contacting the Youth Sailing Academy directly at or phoning Justine Kirkjian Sailing Manager on 8292 7806.

Editors Ramble (as amended 12/12/08)

I am on my soapbox on this occasion, but do read on as I really think it is important that I provide some understanding of what goes on behind the scenes sometimes.

I was disappointed to hear a small number of people chose to criticise the work the regatta volunteers (F11 Assoc & GSC) provided (I know everyone has a personal view, especially in sailing - but.......). I'm sure all would be interested in finding out just what did happen at Gosford this weekend. Here is the REAL story.

Who'd Want To Be A PRO - Step Right Up! Applications Available Here!

Our PRO Peter Moor arrived with the flu! In the muggy conditions we had, you can imagine how hard it would have been to manage a smile let alone coordinate the regatta for 76 boats with a handful of volunteers. He is a dedicated man.


Gosford SC was represented by 6 people at any one time who volunteered to run our regatta, note they were nearly all not F11 parents, just good blokes putting in. They had unfortunately dropped the class after last season but were still willing to host etc. Hard work for them coming in "from the outside" so to speak. That obviously demonstrates a true dedication of this club to support classes such as ours - don't you think? Highly commendable, and Peter was very thankful for their contribution and stated they performed very well. Some things didn't go according to plan - Peter assumed the responsibility for this.


Furthermore the NSW F11 committee wanted to showcase the F11 class once again to GSC in the hope they would re-introduce the class; note this is one of the duties of the association as you might recognise. Gosford is also mid-way between two F11 strongholds - Sydney and Belmont. 


As anyone with a bit of knowledge of winds, a norwester is a very fickle wind to lay marks and set a start line. After a few attempts and half an hour with the P flag, Peter needed to bring out the I flag to calm the fleet and get a clean start underway. Note the time and the breeze direction once again. The race concluded with advantages on the left sometimes, the middle and the right at others but it was a fair race for all.


Peter had been awaiting the arrival of the predicted southerly for some time now. Many phone calls south were made from his and my phone to check it's progress and expected time of arrival. During lunch, a number of people wondered why we were not out doing another race in the now fluctuating remains of the norwester - this is why.


The southerly was taking it's time, frustrating all on watch. We made the call to go out as the time for racing to end was approaching, as mentioned at the briefing. This was to be a critical factor in ensuing events.


We gave it a shot in a now blustery norwester about 14kts, with a big wind shift occurring at the pin end allowing the pin end boats to lay the top mark on one port tack. Peter declared this unfair racing as is his role and abandoned the race.


Starting the race again, after a general recall once again and during the start sequence, Peter noted that the time of the actual start was going to be 4:32pm. He has a GPS timer so his timing was correct. Many people out on the water know of this fact too.


He called the regatta chairman to discuss the situation after the start and then was directed to call me as I was at the top mark. At this stage the leaders had rounded to top mark and on their way to the wing mark. By the time I got off the phone, the breeze had swung over 90deg to the left, causing the leaders to drop their kites and work up to the wing mark. I called Peter and he said he had noted same and was now going to call the race off. Over a third of the fleet were yet to reach the top mark now downwind. The front runners were now working back to the bottom mark. Having the majority of the fleet now working up at least two legs, it was abandoned.


I was instructed to get to the fleet and instruct them to return to shore as the southerly had now established firmly in Brisbane Water. Manly boat 1363 Crunchie was leading at the time. It's a tough call but you can see the reasonable grounds for the decision.


Day2 - I had been studying the weather on my computer so I expected a variable breeze around 0-5kts for the morning followed by a southerly mid-morning, plenty of cloud about and some light rain. I arrived at the club early to conduct a meeting and asked the local GSC sailors what was likely to happen. We had a seabreeze at this time of 3-5kts NE/N. One experienced sailor suggested NW would predominate, one equally experience GSC sailor said E, my calls down south said the southerly was in at Allambie Heights. Well, you pick it! Protests were arranged to be heard so an allowance to hear them was made whilst we watched the weather unfold.


The first protest was heard, but time was eating into the opportunity to maybe get the lost race back from yesterday so out we went. Race 2 was started in a NW breeze of 10kts, but the breeze again went far left so the race was abandoned and a new starting line was needed in the vicinity of where the top mark had been. Just as it looked ready to go, the wing mark drifted off meaning the fleet would need to cross behind a channel marker to arrive at the bottom mark.


During the next attempt, which was to be the actual start of race 2, the pin end boat was drifting rapidly away. Although they thought they were fine, it was clear to Peter that they were not. Peter could not see the pin end boats so there were no ocs's recorded as it was not the fault of the kids. The only ocs's were from the start boat end in relation to code flag I, which he explained to 2 of the 3 after the race.


Next race 3, the big squall hit during the sequence and lightening forced the AP over H to be hoisted. 


Against most peoples amazement and negative views, I had instruction from Peter out on the course again that the breeze was back in and steady - we were on for race 3 restart. This one went according to plan.


As you can see, a tough job but done well in the circumstances experienced. Sure, things can always be better if no problems arise, but you just have to take your hat off to someone like Peter who can manage to reap some reward from this caper. Oh, by the way he does it free of charge for us and at his own expense. 


I'm sorry Peter for listing just some of your achievements here as I know you are a very modest fellow.


Principal Race Officer - Peter Moor - Technical Operations Manager, Sailing, SOCOG 1996-2000 Sydney Olympics; PRO Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006 and Racing Advisor 2003-2006; PRO and Racing Advisor eXtreme 40 (iShares Cup) European Circuit 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; PRO Flying Eleven Nationals 2003, 2004, 2006, and NSW States numerous times over 15 years; PRO Manly Junior Nationals 1999 and numerous State Titles; PRO 2009 A Class Cat World Championships; PRO 2010 International 14' Skiff World Championships; Nationals and State Measurer for International 14'Skiff Association 1995-1998; Grand Prix 18' Skiff Measurer 1995-1997; several years as Chairman of Race Committee for Manly Juniors and Flying Elevens States and Nationals over 12 years; Life Member National Flying Eleven Association, and an accomplished sailor for over 50 years including Syd-Hob, Lord Howe, Bris to Gizo; Coach to Malaysian Yachting Team 1983 and 1985.

  "a day without Flying Elevens is like a day without sunshine'

Eden - Here We Come,





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