Boats for Sale


Closing Sale

Our Commodore is planning to relocate the Club to northern Gold Coast from the 1st of June 2018 however an operator could continue whole or part of the operation at Varsity Lakes by purchasing some or all of the existing boats and equipment. *Subject to Spotshouse approval.

Please forward enquiries to:  Chris Ruston – 


Boats for Sale

2x lasers - SOLD

2x Hobie Wave catamarans - 1x SOLD 1x Available

Tackers OziOptis - 10 Available with Road Trailer

50x Lifejacket PFDs Type 2 10x near new

Hansa Access 303s - 2x SOLD 1x Reserved 5x Available

Hansa Access 2.3s - 2x Reserved 4x Available

Hansa 2.3 Breeze - 2x Reserved 6x Available

Pontoon Hoist - 1x *SOLD

Large self inflating Marker Buoys for Regattas - 6x Available

Large Teardrop Marker Buoys - 6x Available

Safety Boat 4.2 Mtr RIB with 30HP 4 Stroke - 1x Available






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Sailing Club Membership

  • Social Club $35.00 (Recreational Boat use, Polo, Training Sessions & Race Practice) plus $5.00 Club Insurance per session
  • Adult $192* (Regattas - YA Silver card)
  • Youth (<18) $116* (Regattas - YA Silver card)
  • Adult - Family/Pensioner Discount $178*
  • Youth - Family/Pensioner Discount (<18) $108*

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*Includes YA Silver Card


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