Dear Wonderful Chris and the Super Sailors

I'm so happy that I know how to sail and happy to know wonderful people like you. You make me so happy when you say hello to me and my friends. It makes me have a GINORMUS smile on my face. You guys are so nice to let us go on the boats and I love how you guys give up your time watching us; that's a real great friend. I remember first meeting you guys and seeing the wonderful place also the beautiful boats. I was a bit nervous at first, but when I went in the boat I loved the fresh breeze blowing in my hair, I felt so ALIVE! Thanks so much for letting us sail by ourselves. Sailing independently, you guys made me feel alive, as I said you guys are AWESOME!     From Liam

Dear Friend Sailarrrs

Thank you for teaching me to sail a boat and helping me sail by myself. I looooooooove sailing, it's so much fun. (I wish I could do it every week!)  Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-) :-)  :-)    From Jaroo

Dear Happy Sailing Buddies

You're so nice and happy that you make me laugh a little bit and now I'm so happy to have you as a sailing crew. I appreciate your awesomeness and you're happiness that makes me happy. Thank you for letting me and my friends sail in your sailing boats. You're so funny, awesome and happy that you are amazing. At first, I was scared that the boat would go too fast, but it was like calming my amygdala down like when I'm asleep. Thank you for calming my amygdala down.      From Sophie

Dear Sailing Crew

I appreciate what you did for us by teaching us how to sail. Now we can go by ourselves!!! I like what we did last week when we went to the shopping centre.(No wind so towed by Safety Boat) At least the taxi showed up (phew). I remember the first time I sailed, I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!! Me and my friends looked forward to it every week. We feel so free and independent that we sail solo. Thank you so much I can't wait to go next time!!!   From Karim! (:

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Dear Happy Chappies
Thank you Thank you Thank you, Thank you
I'm so happy I'm so happy
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Every Friday you make me giggle
When you adjust the boat to stop the wiggle
I love my new seat that you were happy to design
It helps me keep the boat in line
Like a fish in the sea
I felt so free
You have become my friends
And I don't want it to end
From  Caningeraba Sailors