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  OAMPS AJG Certificate of Insurance 2017-2018 v1.15  
  OAMPS AJG Policy v1.15
  OAMPS AJG Schedule v1.15
  Yachting Australia (Silver Card) Personal
  OAMPS AJG C of C Contents & Pontoon

NOTE: Registered Special Olympics Volunteers are also covered.

See Special Olympics website


The City of Gold Coast mobile application (app) is a great way for locals and visitors to report non-urgent issues, including:

City of Gold Coast Mobile App

You can report an issue in the city from anywhere, at any time of the day. Simply open a report, take or select a photo, enter the details and submit. It’s that easy.

When you submit the report, the photo along with its GPS location will instantly be sent to City of Gold Coast (City). Once the issue has been reviewed (during normal business hours), we will arrange for necessary action to be taken.

There are many other great features including real time feedback and the ability to view other public reports logged in the area at the same time.

City app has been designed for reporting non-urgent issues. For any urgent issues, please contact us by phone. During a disaster event, please use the City's Disaster Hotline, the State Emergency Service (SES) and 000 for life threatening emergencies.