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Wheelchair Athletes
Wheelchair Athletes

GOLD COAST SAILING CLUB LIMITED is a Not for Profit registered Charity and is ACNC registered.  This "Charitable Institution" benefits Persons with a Disability and Unemployed Persons by providing "low cost" sail training and work experience irrespective of their Disability group or Unemployment history. We offer a range of programs from recreational sailing to inclusive race competition, either Solo or with a Volunteer buddy against able-bodied Sailors in a World Class Training environment. Most persons with a disability need help to enjoy their sport because they may have limited mobility, learning difficulties, loss of sight, etc; and most probably lack adequate resources. These persons usually have problems attending the venue, moving from vehicles to the training areas, getting to the launching area, boarding the boat, and sailing safely. Disabled persons are often unable to manage standard production boats and many have communication difficulties that require special attention by our staff to reduce their feeling of helplessness. We provide suitable facilities, boats, motor vehicles and/or equipment that allow them to participate in community events. Their inclusion would otherwise be stressful, painful, and prohibitive, due to their disability. We do not choose who will receive our services. Our policy is to offer a range of Disability Services to the general public from recreational day services for young people from special schools, through to inclusive race competition for all ages at international standard. Our dominant activity day-to-day is to provide direct relief to the Disabled so that they do not feel distressed or helpless in a public and inclusive group situation. We promote direct relief in our club documentation and promotions so as to encourage participation and provide pathways of opportunities through suitable, safe, and comfortable boats and equipment. In these ways we encourage the disabled to participate in their chosen sport, to feel independent, and to achieve their personal best. Our constitution clearly shows that our dominant purpose is to provide benevolent relief by offering a range of Disability Services. These include direct relief for their feelings of loneliness, distress, and helplessness caused by their disability by providing transport to the venue where possible, assisting disabled persons from their vehicles to the training area, assisting them with the correct clothing, sunscreen, lifejacket fitting, assist them to the sailing departure area (and in a number of cases manually lift them into the boats), ensure that their sailing experience is safe and positive, and reverse the procedure on returning to the beach. We provide work experience for the unemployed both in the sailing clubs activities and in Disability services. We ensure child protection, anti-discrimination, workplace health & safety, life saving, first aid facilities, and assist everyone to experience hands-on work experience to restore a feeling of confidence and pride that they can be useful in the community. We do not limit the people entitled to benefit from our services. We are focused on community involvement irrespective of their group, and may provide free participation in the event of hardship. We are a non-profit organization reliant upon a substantial contribution from Volunteers many of whom are also from the local community and centerlink. Some of our Volunteers are long term unemployed so we provide work experience in the Sailing and Water Sports industry, plus exposure to the Disability Support areas to relieve their feeling of exclusion, helplessness, and for them to become more self-reliant by developing their capacities for obtaining employment. Our Volunteers, Coaches, and Officials assist with life saving procedures for sailing that include first aid and other disability services. In order to provide an environment that promotes group inclusion we maintain Volunteer, Carer and Partner enjoyment by encouraging them to participate in sailing activities with the disabled. Some of our Volunteers are also disabled so we provide them the same direct relief services.   *** Although the Clubs executive members include some family members they are the founders, co-ordinators and "major sponsors" offering "support" to the ideals that this is a "Community" facility. All Volunteers and Clients are invited to contribute ideas to assist in the Clubs operations. Adequate control measures come from the Clubs affiliation with Yachting Australia and with Special Olympics (Eg: Standard operating procedures, safety measures, coaching requirements, Sailability programs for the Disabled, Codes of Conduct, etc). Further controls are provided by The Office of Fair Trading, ACNC, ASIC, the Clubs own constitution and rules, Coaches and Volunteers Codes of Conduct, Department of Education Safety requirements, Gold Coast Waterways Authority permits, Gold Coast City Council permits and property leasing agreements, Commission for Children Blue Card requirements, Fair Trading Charity requirements regarding fundraising, Grant approvals, etc.

PATHWAYS - Special Olympics and the Access Dinghy Association (HANSA) offer a huge range of Sailing adventures from Recreational Sailing to Race Competition at Regional, State, National, International, and World Events. You can sail with a Buddy (Volunteer Unified Partner or Coach) or Sail Solo in a wide variety of boats. As an example Belinda and Sonja qualified at the Special Olympics Adelaide Nationals in 2010 to be members of the Australian Sailing Team to go to the World Summer Games in Athens 2011 supported by Special Olympics Australia. They competed in a larger three person Laser Bahia sailboat with their on-board coach Chris Ruston. Chris said it was tough going against the other international teams who also had highly experienced racing coaches on-board. The series comprised of 12 races with no drops. The racing was electrifying right to the last day when any small mistake could have put us right out of the medal count. We eventually claimed GOLD and will always remember the hard work it took to improve our performance from the SILVER in Shanghi four years earlier. The girls have put in a tremendous effort over the past 10 years to further the opportunities available to Sailors with a Disability as Competitors, and as Volunteer/Coaches and Ambassadors for all Disabled Sailors......They went on the road to Hollywood via the Nationals in Melbourne with six new athletes joining them on the Australian Team.   LA2015 Results - AUS Team of Nine Sailors - 4 Gold Medals - 5 Silver Medals (Trained here)


COMMUNITY - Our Club offers a range of Disability and inclusive programs from recreational sailing to race competition, either Solo or with a Volunteer buddy against able-bodied Sailors in a World Class Training environment. We provide work experience for Volunteers and the unemployed both in the sailing club activities and in Disability services to restore a feeling of confidence and pride so that they can be useful in the community and become more self-reliant by developing their capacities for obtaining employment. We are a non-profit organization reliant upon a substantial contribution from Volunteers many of whom are from the local community and centerlink and we are focused on community involvement irrespective of their group. We support the ideals that this is a "Community" facility. All Volunteers and Clients are invited to contribute ideas to assist in the Clubs operations and our specialist Volunteer Coaches sail as buddies and mentors with the Disabled.

Gold Coast Sailing Club Limited ACN 166545295 Registered Charity CH1865 and Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 83880159147      Updated Jan 2014



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