2017-18 NSW State Championships




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Entries as at 10/11/17

MJ # Boat name Fleet Sailing Club Skipper Crew  
2553 Schmicko Novice ASC Jonah Griffiths Louis Mandin Casual Entry Avalon
2599 Seek & Destroy Novice HKSC Hamish Lickley Anton Zagvozkine  
2622 PANDAMONIUM Novice Queen's Lake SC Ziggy Ewart Tilly Ewart  
2628 Diable Rouge Novice Woolwich SS Alex Donnelly Dilan Bate  
2671 Blast Off Novice Balmoral SC Rowan Hughes Amit Levi  
2710 Taxi Novice HKSC Cadel Stewart Ben Eisner  
2719 SHABAM! Novice HKSC Ollie Barrett Cooper Lowe  
2722 Two Chances Novice HKSC Thomas Meacock Tom Eisner  
2732 Twiggy Too Novice Middle Harbour 16s Caitlin Edwards Georgie Davidson  
2739 Tis Magic Novice HKSC Isaac Robbins Mia H  
2752 G Monster Novice ASC Sophie Drummond Logan Crookshanks Casual Entry Avalon
2763 Chicken Invader Novice Manly 16s Coby Napper Thomas Milham  
2764 Born Ready Novice HKSC Zack Wyatt Adrian Kennedy-Clark  
2771 Red Hand Novice Manly 16s Zac Burkett Don Rowlison  
2776 Twin Turbo Novice Manly 16s Theo Franklin Chloe Franklin  
2777 BlackJack Novice Manly 16s Jemma Hopkins Peggy Rowlison  
2782 Firepower Novice Manly 16s Nelson Brownbill Tom Cameron  
MJ # Boat name Fleet Sailing Club Skipper Crew  
2662 MJ Boaty McBoatface Open Woolwich SS Healy Western Lachlan Brawn  
2682 Spitfire Open Woolwich SS Toby Dolph Edward Allen  
2683 Virevolter Open Woolwich SS Jacqui Vanzella Jarrett Katon Fong  
2685 Comeback Queen Open Woolwich SS Rosie Sewell Madi Phillips  
2728 Havoc Open HKSC Angus Stewart Jack Robbins  
2738 Beat It Open PKSC Braysen Curry Cooper Sellers  
2742 Fast'n'Furious Open HKSC Hugo Kemp Byron Lowe  
2744 Into the west Open Manly 16s Lily Springett Pippa Springett  
2746 Full Throttle Open ASC Quentin Willman Lawrence Simpson  
2751 Bail Me Out Open Manly 16s Andrew de Montfort Ben Milham  
2755 Bullet Open Manly 16s Sam Stodart Ryan Koorey  
2756 Panda Open Manly 16s Felix Dupont Oscar Triglone  
2758 Wildfire Open HKSC Maxwell Downey Max Barrett  
2761 Public Enemy Open Manly 16s Liam Karunaratne Samuel Chubb  
2769 Another Dark and Stormy Open Manly 16s Sophie Hart Bella Divolla  
2774 Cool Beans Open Middle Harbour 16s Avril Richardson Ashley Blyumin  
2775 Unsinkable II Open Manly 16s Wilhem Schlipalius Tayla Lees  
2779 Stingray Open ASC David Tulk Flynn Osomanski  
2781 Go With The Flow Open Manly 16s James Hopkins Ashton Napper  


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Regatta Venue Information

Results - all provisional as at 12/11/17 @ 21:15.

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