Capt'n Ken's Ditties

Social Sail Sunday 14 Feb 16

Four boats out of the harbour's mouth
the Cat went north, the rest went south
just a convivial 'social sail' so really no mad reason
to get all competitive, it's only a gay sailing season
'Ya Ya' and Pirate Pete, Cap'n Bligh and lil' Jillmore

Cap'tn Ken

Spring race 4
Seven boats out and without a doubt
a great day to be out on the water
some breeze kicked in and we crowded the start
no quarter given, of part!
Big Blue off like a brides night attiremore

Sunday Social Sail 16 Aug 15

A cat and a mongoose went out to play
on a sunny breezy winter's day
out to the isle of Martin they went
spinnakers flyin', goin' hell bentmore

Autumn Race 6

A calm and sunny winter's day
no wind but still we're out to play
4 boats down to Towradgi mark
a drift! We cried, it won't be a lark
'Big Blue' and 'Swell' with kites up a'tryin'more

Social Sail 19 July

Three little boats went out nose to tail
the crews all eager to have a good sail
down to Towradgi and back in good stylemore

Winter Race 1

The day was grey with an icy chill
the bride said “sailin' today, you must be a dill!”
but the sailors arrived all hearty and hale
“We'll go out in this winter gale”
“Big Blue” and “Swell” and “Sea Dog” as well
with “Siena” a foursome, they were all bally awesomemore

Social Sail 5th July

A crisp and sunny winters day
a nice little breeze to get us away
4 boats out in a mood to play
“Merlot and “Swell and “Rikki Tikki” too
The commodore out in the handsome “Big Blue”more

Christmas in July 15

The weather was dreary, the room full of cheer
mulled wine for a welcome, and even good beer
they turned up to party, our souls hale and hearty
hats of reindeer and lights, what wonderful sights
a pirate wench dolled up so fine
looked over at me and said “You're mine!”more

Autumn Race 7

Autumn race seven, a day made in heaven
with lovely blue skies and flat shining seas
alas, and alack though, not very much breeze
down to Towradgi with spinnakers flyin'more

Autumn race 5

Cloudy and cold with no darned breeze
5 boats out and not a sneeze
slow start for all and then it kicked in
round the islands with vigour andmore

May dinner

The weather obscene, Italian the theme
Only 7 brave souls attended the scene
Cacciatora, spag bol and amore

Twilight Race 14 Nov 2014

Out of the harbour two by two
four boats a'sailin with a southerly due
down to the wave genny and back again
Rikki's back out with ol' Cap'n Ken
Scaramouch, Merlot and Swell in the racemore

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris with ladies so fine
French ale and cocktails and a little red wine
a hat in the water, with need of rescue
Cap'n Bob called to Ben, “avast! I need you!”more

Lady Skipper's Race

Well, what a great day for the girls out to play
with plenty of breeze, who'd stay away?
Course 12 the task, not much of an ask
for our lovely skippers, in fame they would bask
Out to Bass Island in stiffening breeze
Siena with Maria helming with easemore

Spring Race 1

30 degrees and the sun shining bright
7 yachts out to contest a great fight
out to Bass Island and back to the start
then port around Toothbrush for those with the heart
a hole at the start buoy slowed everyone downmore

The Crippled Cock

The ole Cap'n's crippled, now ain't that a shame
his left knee is buggered and now he is lame
as Ned kelly opined. “life is just 'such'”
the ole bloke is sentenced to time on a crutchmore

Winter Race 7

The last race of winter and what a great day
nine boats out and ready to play
crews all eager to have a good time
racing their yachts for first to the line
Down to Point Bulli “Big Blue” at the head
spinnaker flyin' and then, strike me dead!more

Moroccan Madness Sept 2014

Morocco madness was the theme of the night
Tagines of lamb were a gourmet's delight
with apricots, sweet prunes, a tasty highlight
Couscous and pilaf with a spiced carrot dish
honeyed baclava and ice cream to finishmore

Rhyming Recipe for September

Spring is 'ere, all bright and clear
time for salads, now my dear
don't be boring with lettuce and leaves
Carol's beauty is sure to pleasemore

Winter Race 5

'Tis Winter sailing at its best
nine boats out to take the test
Around the islands twice we went
everyone out, all going hell bent
The Scorpion with a sting her tailmore
Seafood Chowder and Chardonnay

Chardonnay and Seafood Chowder

What a beautiful night for a good seafood chowder
only nine members came but they all cried out louder
for seconds of Chris's amazing sea stew
when dessert was announced they cried out anewmore

Winter Race 4

Seven boats out on the brine
the water flat, the wind benign
around the islands we would go
three times, if only wind would blow
an hour in and all was well
the racing fine as all could tell
then wind out of south-south west
came bustin' in for us to testmore

Winter Race 3

Winter sunshine sure showed it's face
with nine boats out to join the race
the course 'round 'Martin' seemed just right
with 'Benbow' the only cat in the fight
the big boats seemed to race away
but 'Swell' was fightin', all the waymore

Christmas in July - Friday 18th July

Xmas night was cold and clear
our members came from far and near
to sample all our Xmas cheer
Darinka's mulled wine was sure a hitmore

Ocean Race 2

A strong wind warning, not quite a gale
8 boats set out all wanting to sail
course 3 was the task,more

Positively Perfect Pumpkin Flan

Cap'n Ken's Rhyming
Positively Perfect Pumkin Flan
Poppyseed pastry (Just sprinkle some poppyseeds on your pastry)
3⁄4 cup condensed milk or cream if you prefer
500g pumpkin cooked and mashedmore

June Social Sail

A number 3 jib and a double reefed main
wind west, 30 knots and we're in the game
explorin' the coast like the brave Hume and Hovell
Rikki at 8 knots, like shite off a shovelmore

For Shanks We Give Thanks

Here's Cap'n Ken with his head hung right down
Cap'n Chris now has won the culinary crown
A splendiforous feast full of flavour intense
served up on platters of portions immensemore

Ginger Crunch Cookies

Cap'n Ken's Rhyming Recipes
Number 3.....Ginger Crunch Cookies
A lovely crunchy, gingery cookie.. easy, peasy to make in 30 minutes.more

Autumn Race 5

The morning grey and blustery
the wind from the north and bustery
3 boats with crews all lustery
went out to join the fraymore

Curried Vegie Pasties

The first of Captn Ken's rhyming recipes - Curried Vegie Pastiesmore

Nana Phyl's Cabbage Dish

Cap'n Ken's Rhyming Recipes
Number 2....Nana Phyl's Cabbage Dish. This is a family favourite that goes back at least 70 years. Enjoymore

Ocean Race 4

Four boats at Gunnamatta
all ready for the fray
Shellac, Big Blue and Wildcat
and Swell to make the daymore

A spray filled Autumn Race 2

Five boats out on a feisty day

five new members out to play

plenty of wind and lots of spray

a challenging day for our new chums

all there for the fun, water up to their bumsmore


Alan,Voy and ole cap'n Ken
out for a sail on their own again
conditions were great, the wind was devine The sea was calm and Rikki was flyin'
8 knots of wind and Rikki at 6
Voy on the helm doin' his tricks
the twilight course was finished in style over the the finish line in front by a mile applying our handicap with care and precision we reckon we won bymore

Twilight race of 13 Dec 2013


Ocean Race 2


Lady Skippers Race 1


Discover Sailing Day


Commodore's Ball


Paella and Sangria


Twilight Race 1

the night was dark and stormy
and the crew all gathered round
the sea was up and swell was steepmore

Championship Race 2

To race when there is no racemore

First Championship Race of 2013


Last Rum Chase of 2013


Coopers and Curry Night

They came for the curry

which wasn't a worry

with coopers' to help wash it down.........more
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