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Priority Use of Club Owned Boats

Club owned boats are available for use by members.

"Priority Use Agreement" for use of a club boat

The Largs Bay Sailing Club owns a fleet of sailing dinghies, which are made available for use for junior sailing members, who wish to learn to sail and participate in racing at the club. Currently the club has several Optimists and an International Cadet.
Boats will be offered under a  "Priority Use Agreement".
The following terms and conditions
 will apply to a member wishing to use a club boat under the "Priority Use Agreement".


           Terms and Conditions for use of a club boat



1.         Priority Use Conditions:

1.1      The Largs Bay SC will invite youth sailors, who are financial sailing members of the LBSC, to use a boat from the club fleet of sailing dinghies.

1.2      The boats will be available to sailors with a skill level equivalent to Small Boat Sailing Scheme Level 2 or Tackers 2 or higher as a priority.

1.3      The user will pay to Largs Bay SC a usage fee which will include use of the boat, boat storage on club premises and the boat insurance during the period.

1.4      The user may sail the boat in any event conducted by the LBSC or the relevant Class Association, however participation may be subject to those Class Rules when the event is a Class organised fleet race or regatta.

1.5       Use of the boat at anyother location than LBSC is subject to the approval of the Club.


2.        Period of "Priority Use Agreement":

2.1      The LBSC boats will be available for priority use for the periods October to December and/or January to April. 

2.2      Sailors who who have priority use of a boat for the period October-December will have the option to continue the lease for the period January-April, subject to the demand for and availability of club boats.


3.        Care of the boats:

 The approved user shall:

3.1      Store the boat at the LBSC in the boat storage facility provide by the club

3.2      Seek permission of the LBSC should they wish to sail or store the boat at an alternate location.

3.3      Be responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of the boats while in their control

3.4      Maintain the boats in racing condition at all times during the Agreement period

3.5      Make the boat available to a representative of the LBSC for inspection at any time

3.6      Return the boat at the end of the Agreement period in good condition


4.        Use of the boats:

 The approved user shall:

4.1      Participate regularly in youth training sessions conducted by the LBSC

4.2      Participate in weekly youth class racing conducted by the LBSC

4.3      Advise the club if they are not able to attend any Saturday morning youth training session and make the boat available for use by another sailor on those days.

4.4      Make the boats available to Largs Bay SC (or an organisation nominated by LBSC) for special promotions and sailing events. 

4.5      The user shall seek permission to sail the boat in class events held at venues other than the LBSC.


5.        Priority Use Fees:
           The fees that apply will be advised upon application.



6.       Review of policy, terms and conditions for management of the Optimist fleet: 

The sub-committee delegated with responsibility for managing boats in the club fleet will meet annually to review the current status of the program and make a recommendation to the LBSC management committee regarding the use of the club boats for the next year.


7.        Expressions of Interest:

7.1      Expressions of interest to use a club boat should be submitted on the approved application form.

7.2      Completed application forms should be posted to:
Largs Bay SC “Sailing Dinghy Priority Use”
1 The Foreshore, Lady Gowrie Drive, 
Largs Bay 5016
OR forwarded by email to:



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