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Club Policy for the Safety and Health of Members

The Management Committee of the Largs Bay SC has developed and documented a number of policy documents, which are are intended to provide a safe and healthy environment on and off the water  for our members.

These documents provide guidelines and instructions for officials, members, volunteersstaff and contractors performing a range of recreational and commercial activities at our sailing club,

We encourage all members to read these documents and assist us in our aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for all members and guests at our club.

   LBSC Health and Safety Policy Statement
A statement of the commitment of the club management committee to ensure the safety and health of members.

View the LBSC Health & Safety Policy Statement

   LBSC Rules and Safety Guidelines
Rules for member's who wish to have access to and use our club equipment and facilities.

View the Club Rules & Safety Guidelines

   LBSC Safety at Sea - Procedure and Practises Guide
Guidelines for member's and volunteers, who are assisting with the conduct of boat racing at the LBSC.
Includes information on race management, use of safety boats and procedures for assisting yachts during racing.

Read the LBSC Safety at Sea - Procedures and Practises Guide

   LBSC Boat Safety and Seaworthy Checklist
It is the resposibilty of all members to ensure that their boat is maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition.  This document provides a checklist for members to assist them in conducting a self-check of their boat.

The club safety officer will also use this form to complete an inspection of any member's boat.

View the LBSC Boat Safety and Seaworthy Checklist

   Making a Decision to Start and/or Finish a Race
It is the joint responsibility of the race officer and the boat skipper and crew to decide whether conditions are suitable for boat racing.

A race officer must ensure that he/she uses all the available information and resources to decide whether conditions are suitable for racing. A race officer must remember that he/she has been appointed by the club to make decisions on behalf of the club management and apply club policy for the safety of all sailors.

The skipper and crew must first consider Rule 4, which states: “The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”.
When the skipper and crew believe that they do not have the skills, fitness or strength to sail safely in the prevailing and/or forecast weather conditions, they should not participate or continue in a race.

View the Guide to Making your Decision to Start and/or Finish a Race

    Time on the Water - A guide for the conduct of Youth Regattas
Thanks to Yachting Victoria for providing this guideline for the conduct of youth regattas.

At regattas we often see that junior sailors are first to leave the beach and the last to return to shore.
This document is a guideline for the sailing community to ensure that sailing is fun for Junior Sailors and to assist Race Managers and Club & Class Officials to manage the time Junior sailors spend on the water. 

Read the Yachting Victoria - Time on the Water Guide

   LBSC Member Protection Policy

The committee of the LBSC is committed to create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for our members and visitors to our club.  All persons who come to the Largs Bay Sailing Club have a right to feel and be safe. 

LBSC is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all persons using our services and facilities.  LBSC opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination, abuse and unlawful behavior.  The club will endeavor to promote positive behaviors and values.

LBSC has adopted the Member Protection Policies of Sailing Australia including their codes of behavior. The club will investigate an incident and diciplinary actions will be taken for a breach of this policy.

View the  Australian Sailing - Member Protection Policy

   Incident Reporting and Review

The committee of the LBSC will record and review any incidents, which occur at the club, with a view to continually improving the effectivness of the actions taken in the event of a similar incident.

Read the Policy and Incident Report Forms

   LBSC Child Safe Policy
The committee of the LBSC is committed to child safety and risk minimisation.

All children, who come to the Largs Bay Sailing Club have a right to feel and be safe.  LBSC is committed creating and maintaining a child safe and child friendly environment for all young people using our services and facilities.

LBSC opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying.
We ask anyone who believes that they or another person has been harassed, discriminated against or bullied to report the incident to one of our Child Safe Contact Officers.

View the  LBSC Child Safe Policy

   LBSC Hot Weather Policy

The management committee recognises that on-water activities offer a cooler environment than land based sports and this fact means that sailing may proceed when other land based sports have been cancelled.
uring summer months, extreme hot weather may require the committee of the Largs Bay SC to consider cancelling racing and/or training programs.  The main factors that club officials will consider are the risks of heat stress, dehydration and sunburn.

Read the Club Hot Weather Policy

   Shark Sightings - Risk manangement and Reporting
What should you do if you think you have seen a shark during club racing.
Please advise a safety boat crew so that club officials can take appropriate action.

Read the LBSC Shark Sighting Safety Guidelines

   LBSC Privacy Policy

Largs Bay Sailing Club operates in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Sailing Australia.
Largs Bay Sailing Club recognises that privacy is important and that individuals have a right to control their personal information.  The LBSC acknowledges that providing personal information is an act of trust and Largs Bay Sailing Club takes that seriously.

Read the LBSC Privacy Policy Document

   Largs Bay SC supports Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Largs Bay Sailing Club recognises that as providers of alcohol under a liquor license we have a duty of care to all members and other persons visiting our club facilities.  The club also recognises that drink-driving is illegal and hazardous to both the wider community and potential offenders.

Read the LBSC Guidelines for Responsible Service of Alcohol

   Largs Bay SC is a Smoke Free Environment 

The Largs Bay Sailing Club recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
The clubs smoke free policy shall apply to all sailors, coaches, officials, members and visitors to the club facilities during club functions and other activities undertaken by the club.
All areas of our club facilitities shall be smoke free and the club will not sell or supply tobacco products.

Read the LBSC Smoke Free Policy

   Largs Bay SC supports the Yachting Australia Anti-Doping Policy

The Largs Bay Sailing Club supports the policy of Yachting Australia to keep our sport drug free.
Members may read the Yachting Australia Anti-Doping Policy and associated documents at the link below.

Read the Yachting Australia Anti-Doping Policy

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