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Play squash at Largs - Competition & Social Activities

The Largs Bay Sailing Club has two squash courts which are available for use by our members.

Members can enter the clubroms using their member's "access card" between 9:00am and 9:00pm daily and without a card at any times when scheduled sailing events and social activites are being held at the club.

The club also has a "LBSC Team" which competes in the Squash SA competition.


The LBSC squash courts are available for use by members from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily (Sun - Sat).

Largs Bay Squash Teams will have priority on evenings when matches are scheduled in the SA Squash Association Pennant Competition.  Please check the roster posted on the Squash Noticeboards.

The club uses a timed coin switching system to charge for court lighting.  Lights must be on at all times during play.

The squash courts may not be available for play on some days during major sailing regattas.


Follow the progress of the "LBSC Team" which competes in the Squash SA pennant competition.

Keep up with the team's recent results on the Squash SA website

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LBSC members wishing to play squash on a casual basis may use the courts at any time when they are not being used by our team playing in a programmed round of the Squash SA pennant competition.

Social players should plan their squash sessions to avoid Pennant Team Competition nights and Wednesdays from 4:30pm as that is when the team players choose to do their training and they continue into the night.

Persons playing squash shall pay for the lights at all time by using the automated fee collection boxes located on the wall above the squash courts.  We recommend that you bring suitable coins to feed these time metered machines as change is not usually available at the club bar or galley.

SQUASH TEAM NEWS : Season 2014

Pennant squash at Largs Bay is alive and well and very healthy.
For those who don’t know, LBSC had 2 teams this season. One at State 4 level playing on Wednesday night, and the other at State 2 level on Thursday night. Both teams finished their seasons with finals berths.

State 2 Team finished in third position on the ladder and had to play a sudden death match, for which they were undermanned due to injuries. Unfortunately, they did not progress to the next round. Next season. It should be said that they had a good season.

State 4 Team, on the other hand, finished second on their ladder, but still had to play a sudden death final. They won a hard fought 3 rubbers to 1 to gain a grand final berth. They Played a Next Generation team who turned up with a substantial gallery of supporters. Largs had only two sets of parents, some partners and the author. In true Port Adelaide fashion, the underdogs got up. Largs won the toss and opted to play number ones first to settle the nerves. It was a tough, no quarter asked or given, matchup.

Largs’ Chris Green lost the first two games, but settled nicely to get game point in the third. Luck plays a part in any sport, and Chris was on the receiving end of his share of ordinary luck at critical points. As a result, he was unable to convert the third game to a win, and who knows what after that.

Next Gen called number fours next. This was Phillip Remphrey. Phil went on with a ton of confidence, and won in a canter. Unfortunately, he dropped a game (3-1 win) due to the “ordinary luck” that had plagued Chris.

Twos were next, Phil’s brother Andrew. He was the class act of the night for mine. He systematically took his man apart to win in straight sets. This meant that Largs only needed two games to win, and one game would mean a count back on points.

Enter the number three player, a young Sam Haydon. Sam is a junior player (16 years old) and so he was given the task of bringing home the result. I was truly impressed with his maturity under pressure. The first game was a defining moment. Sam had control for the early part, getting a handy lead, but his opponent rallied toward the latter stages, turning it into an arm wrestle to the end. Sam won it, meaning Largs was only one game, or lots more points away from a victory. His opponent capitulated in the second, and Sam careered away for a comfortable win in the end.

If anyone is wondering about the quality of this win, keep these things in mind:
State 2 is the second highest grade of squash in SA. The only place to go higher is State 1 Premier League.
Sam Haydon, at 16 years old, also plays State 1 Premier League.
Andrew Remphrey played State 1 Premier League some years ago, but now prefers the lesser pressure of State 2, and Largs.
If my understanding is correct, the boys are going to nominate for State 2 again, and State 5 on Tuesday nights next season. All the boys love playing at Largs, and for the most part they are Power supporters except for a couple of traitors, but they’re good players, so we make allowances.

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SQUASH TEAM NEWS : Season 2013

5th June 2013
LBSC Div. 1 Men won their second grand final in a row on the 5th June. Andrew Remphrey, Phillip Remphrey, Brendon Turner and Ben Boucher won the preliminary final two weeks earlier to secure a spot straight into the GF. The same team could have gone on to the GF, but young Ben showed his generosity by standing out to allow David Remphrey (Andrew and Phillip’s father) to take his spot on the team. I personally have never seen a father and two sons on a team before, but to win the GF is something very rare indeed, and may not happen again, certainly at such a high level. It’s a great testament to the talent of the family. Unfortunately the first rubber went to the opposition, but the Remphrey trio went on to all win. But for a bureaucratic blunder the boys would have gone up to State 4 this season and will now play there next season. While the same players will be on that team out of LBSC, Andrew and Phillip are also on a State 2 team on Tuesday night out of Somerton. I hope everyone will join me in wishing them all, all the best for next season which starts in early August.  (David Pepper)

1st June 2013
The LBSC Team boys won straight through to the Grand Final with a 3-1 win last week. Check out the Squash SA website for results. (Just click on the above link)
The team had a practice session at Largs last night and picked the final four for next week. You’ll notice they finished well ahead of the next team. This is because they should have been in a higher grade with young Andrew Remphrey joining them, although in fact they should have been in a higher grade even without Andrew. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, team nominations went in late and LBSC had to be “wedged” into Div. 1 at the last minute.  Ben tells me he’s spoken to SquashSA already and win lose or draw, the LBSC team will be going up to State 4 next season.

Great News "The LBSC Team won their Grand Final".

Social Activities:
There are social activities happening on Wednesday nights.  These are organised by Kathryn, who will be more than happy to accommodate more players, and offer coaching to any new players.

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