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Policy for Use of Club-owned Boats

Basis for Use of Club-owned Boats Policy
This policy was developed to manage the use our club owned boats by financial "Youth Sailing" members of the Largs Bay SC.

Provision of entry level boats to develop youth sailing at LBSC
LBSC is committed to developing youth sailing at the club and to achieve this goal the club will foster the development of suitable junior and youth class boats taking consideration of the current Australian Sailing preferred junior classes' policy.

The club's goal is to offer boats to our youth sailors to use and trial these boats during coaching programs and club racing before they will purchase their own boat. 

The boats currently included on the Australian Sailing preferred junior classes' list are the International Optimist, the International Cadet and the Laser 4.7 dinghy.  The Pacer dinghy is also recommended for use in Team Racing.

LBSC will purchase a number of entry level boats, which our coaches and officials consider will best meet the current needs of the club fleet and provide the best opportunities for our new and existing youth sailors to develop their sailing skills and participate in racing at LBSC and other venues.  Largs Bay coaches and officials will also take in to account those classes sailing in fleets at other South Australian sailing clubs.

Availability of club owned boats
Largs Bay SC currently owns several International Optimists and some Ozi-Optis plus an International Cadet and two Pacers, which will be available for use.  The number of club owned boats will vary from time to time.

LBSC has established a "Priority Use Agreement" which will permit youth sailors to apply to use a club Boat for an agreed period during the sailing season.  The Agreement provides for the User to have priority, but not exclusive use of the allocated Boat for LBSC training programs and club racing.  Under the Agreement, if the User is not in attendance for scheduled training or racing, the club may offer the Boat to another sailor to use on that day or use the Boat for any other purpose at the Club's discretion.  The Agreement does not transfer rights of ownership or rights to sub-lease the Boat and the Boat shall remain the property of the Club for the period of the Agreement

The Boat will be supplied to the User in a complete and seaworthy condition with all sails, spars, sheets and fittings and shall be returned to the Club in a condition similar or better at the end of use.

Please refer to the "Priority Use Agreement" form, which may be viewed on the club website under the "Sail Training" menu, for conditions of use.

Application for "Priority Use" of a Club boat

More information on "Priority Use" is available on the club website under the menu item "Sail Training"; sub-menu "Use of Club Boats".  Please read the "Priority Use Agreement" and the "Terms and Conditions", which give a full explanation of the arrangements for use of a club boat.

A "Priority Use Agreement" Application Form is also available on this webpage.

More Information and Boat Availability

Youth sailors and their parents should speak to the LBSC Sail Training Coordinator regarding the availability of a club owned Optimist or the International Cadet.

Other Related Documents
Available on the club website under menu "Sail Training"; sub-menu "Use of Club Boats". 

  • Priority Use Agreement – Terms and Conditions for Use of a Club Boat
  • Club Boats – Priority Use Agreement (Application Form)
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