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Guidelines for Nominating a Life Member

Policy Document: LB 10/001

Issued: April 2010


Guidelines for Nomination of Life Members of the Largs Bay Sailing Club

This guideline amplifies the criteria for awarding of life membership of the Largs Bay Sailing Club.


The constitution Part 3.1.1 provides basic criteria for the awarding of life membership and a procedure for members to nominate persons for consideration by the management committee.


Part 3.1.1 of the Constitution reads:


Any member who has rendered valuable service to the Club for a period of not less than 10 years may be nominated for Life Membership by any two senior members provided that no member shall be elected a Life Member, except upon the recommendation of the committee. A Life Member shall be entitled to all privileges of a senior member without payment by them of the annual subscription or any calls made by the Club on its members.

Criteria for Life Membership

Individual members may be considered for awarding of Life Membership for significant voluntary service in the areas of administration, asset management and maintenance, coaching or officiating.


The following guidelines and criteria shall apply:

1.    The person shall have met the criteria set out in the Constitution for being eligible to be considered for Life Membership.

2.    The person shall have been a member of the Largs Bay Sailing Club for at least 15 years.

3.    The person shall have served at least seven years of service as a member of the management committee or as a member of a sub-committee or as a club coach at the Largs Bay Sailing Club.

4.    The person shall have given service of significant value to advance the objectives or status of the club at Club level, State level or at a higher level.

5.    Significant service is defined to mean service above performing the ordinary duties expected of a club member assisting in a volunteer capacity in the day-to-day running of the club. 

6.    The following roles may be considered towards service to qualify a person for life membership.

           a)     Performance and service given by a member in an official or unofficial role in the club, which is considered to have been above the normal standard and or duration expected of a volunteer.

           b)     Performance of a principal or significant role, which has enabled the club to conduct a major event, to complete a special project or to achieve a significant objective.

           c)     Exemplary performance or long-term execution of a role as the nominated club representative on a state, national or other high level management committee, which advances the sport of yachting.

Submitting a nomination for Life Membership

1.    A nomination for Life membership may be submitted by any two financial voting members of the LBSC acting as proposer and seconder for the nomination.

2.    The proposer and seconder should refer to those sections in the club contitution and by-laws, which relate to the awarding of life membership.

3.    The nomination must be supported by a statement showing the club history of the nominee and details of any valuable service rendered to the Club, during their membership.

4.    The nomination should be lodged with the club secretary on the approved nomination form.

5.    The club secretary will note the date of receipt on the form and table the nomination at the next meeting of the management committee.

6.    The management committee may seek further information about the nominated person from the proposer and seconder or from other members.

Review of nominations for Life Membership

1.    The management committee at a meeting prior to the AGM shall consider any nominations for Life membership against the criteria (above).

2.    The management committee may accept or reject a nomination.

3.    The management committee shall notify a member in writing that they propose to recommend the member for Life membership and seek the member’s acceptance.

4.    A member so notified shall acknowledge acceptance of the offer in writing. 

Actioning approved nominations for Life Membership

1.    The management committee will prepare a resolution for the AGM including a list of nominees, who have accepted and provide a statement of any outstanding service given by each nominee with a recommendation that Life membership be conferred.

2.    The resolution will be read to members at the AGM and members shall vote to approve or reject the management committee recommendation.

3.    When the members approve the management committee recommendation those member’s names shall be recorded on the Life Membership register and on any honour board.

4.    The new Life members will be presented to members at the next club season opening ceremony and given a club life membership memento to recognise the award.

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