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Sail Number 


Contact Price Listed

 Far East Optimist in Excellent condition:

  • Far East Optimist purchased in September 2015
  • Lightly used in late 2015 and 2016. Not used since then.
  • Hull and foils in excellent condition
  • Padded bottom cover
  • Padded top cover
  • Spar holder/cover
  • Padded Foil bag
  • Beach launching dolly trailer
  • Registered with IODA.


Stored undercover in its covers for its life.

      Contact: MarcWait                                                                                                   Mobile: 0400046372

Email: marcuswait@gmail.com





Bought 2nd hand in 2017 .Boat manufactured in 2013 by Winner . Hull is in very good shape.

Comes with 3 sails in good condition·         North Sail R4 – almost new bought for 2016 Aust Champs·         North V4 Sail – good condition·         North D Zero 6 – good conditionBoat is regatta ready ( measurement book and sail certificate) and includes:

2 Booms for easy sail swapping
Full set Foils. (Rudder, Centreboard, bag) – good conditionBlack and gold sparsMast / boom / wind indicator / bailer / paddle

Top and bottom covers in good condition Dolly. Boat Has been / is stored at home and SLMASC. Located in Umina, NSW


Call Carolyn Glover 0414 500 268





Great Opti for stepping into Intermediate fleet
Bought from RPAYC in 2015.

Boat manufactured in 2013 by Zou Marine.

Hull is in good shape – some wear and tear consistent with age.

Comes with 1 ozi opti sail in good condition (learner, intermediate,).

Boat is regatta ready ( measurement book and sail certificate) and includes:

Full set Foils. (Rudder, Centreboard, bag) – good condition

Mast / boom / wind indicator / bailer / paddle1 Airbag needs to be replaced


Top Cover in OK condition
Dolly. Boat Has been / is stored at home and SLMASC . Located in Umina, NSW

Carolyn Glover 0414 500 268





Racing/Performance Optimist in Excellent Condition:   ·  

  • Blue Magic Hull, purchased new in July 2016 (warranty till July 2018)
  • OptiMax Mark IV Spar Set
  • Optiparts Foils with Tiller Extension
  • Harken Blocks
  • Marlow Main Sheet & Vang
  • Optiparts Deluxe Padded Dolly
  • Optiparts Padded Bottom Cover
  • Optiparts Top Cover
  • Optiparts Foil Bag + spare
  • Optiparts rig travel bag
  • JSail Red sail (1 regatta)
  • JSail Red sail (2 regattas)
  • 2 North Sails MPZX4 (training)
  • Sail Measurement Certificates for JSails & 1 Norths MPZX4
  • IODA Measurement Book 


Contact:  StewartVerity

T:  0405 358 347

E:  stewart.verity@outlook.com

 $4,250 ono 

Feb 2018
  •  Good Condition
  • Black and Gold Spars
  • Top and Bottom Covers
  • Racing Foils


 Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron,

Kirribilli, Sydney


Philippe Mobile: 0429 556 414







Winner Denmark 3D Star optimist hull

  • Optimax MK IV Spars with spar bag
  • N1 Foils with foil bag
  • 2 J Sails Red, one for training & one for regattas
  • 2 bailers,  1 paddle, 3 grey airbags
  •  Beach Dolly
  • Tapered mainsheet
  •  Winner Top and Bottom covers
  • Mast clamp
  • Towrope
  • Wind indicator
  • IODA registration, measurement book & sail certificates 





Feb 2018


Phoenix is a fantastic boat that has been competitively raced by both owners since new.   Reluctantly selling as grown too big for class.·         2013 Ozi Opti Regatta Hull and package
·         Optimax Gold Mk IV Spars
·         Harken Racing Hardware
·         Foam Epoxy Rudder and Foil
·         Padded Foils Bag
·         Top and Bottom Hull covers
·         Czero5 North Sale
·         IODA Registration, Measurement Certificate and Measurement Book
·         Collapsible Dolly with full rubber wheels·         2 Bailers, mast clamp and paddle
·         Fantastic Boat in immaculate condition.  Ready to race.


·         Located Balgowlah Heights, NSW


·         Contact Brad Newton 0415874737




AUS1679 McLaughlin Advanced Racer with a red stern. Bought new Dec 15 this is a great boat in excellent condition. Will suit anyone from Green Fleet to Open.
  •  Optimax IV Spars
  • N1 Foils
  • Rotating Winner tiller extension
  • Top And Bottom covers
  • Foil Bag
  • Spar bag
  • Dolly with large wheels and extra padding
  • J red sail only used at regattas
  •  2 Bailers
  • Paddle
  •  Air bags in good condition
  •  4:1 main sheet
  • Tapered mail sheet
  • Mast retainer clip
  •  Measurement book
  •  Sail measurement certificate  
Just competed in Brisbane nationals so ready to race.
In Canberra but will deliver to Sydney.



Contact Ed Louis 0467805263

$3500 neg





Comes with everything needed to get racing in this great class.  Ozi Opti hull Top and bottom cover 

  • Black and Gold spars  
  • Mast clamp and wind indicator 
  • Foils and Carry bag
  • Racing Mainsheet system 
  • Buoyancy Bags
  • Hiking Straps
  • Beach Trolley 2x Bailers 1x Paddle
  • Quantum sail 



Contact Richard – 0426 633 815


Jan 2018



 The Opti, Redback, was first registered in 2013, is in good condition and has been looked after very well. It has three custom stickers on the sides and back of the hull. AUS 1385 has been fully registered and meets all the regatta requirements so that you can compete without having to go through the tedious process of registering a new boat.


- Top & bottom covers

- Dolly (as new)

- Foam epoxy foils w/ case

- Black Gold spars

- Top quality hull

- Training spars and sail

- Race sail & working sail

- Full registration & Measurement book

- Bailers, paddle & tow line


- Other small accessories (e.g. sail ties, wind indicators, small pieces of rope…)


0418 665 000


 $2500 (negotiable) Jan 2018 
  • Good condition
  • McConaghy black/gold rig •  Fibreglass Hull • Sail • Top hull cover • Spar bag • Foil bag • Bailer • Paddle • air bags • Mast clamp •towrope• wind indicator •  Dolly• IODA registration, measurement book and certificate • Purchased from Sailing Scene
  • One of 2 Optimists for sale
  • Located in Northbridge

Jan 2018


  • Good condition  
  • Fibreglass Hull • Sail • Top and bottom hull covers • Spar bag • Foil bag • Bailer • Paddle • air bags • Mast clamp • towrope • wind indicator • Dolly •IODA registration, measurement book and certificate • Purchased from Sailing Scene
  • One of 2 Optimists for sale
  • Located in Northbridge 

Jan 2018


  • Optimist for sale - Aus 1405 -      2013 Model     Hull, Foils and Sail are in excellent condition     Far East boat.     Mostly sailed freshwater, racked in Canberra Yacht Club.      2 sails, one J Sail and one training sail, Mast, Sprit, Boom, Paddle, Tow Rope Foils Top and Bottom Covers, Dolly Wind indicator, Airbags, and up to date IODA Rego Book.     Ready to sell, can bring up to Sydney for viewing if there is interest 

Contact Michelle



Gordon 0407804660


DEC 17

  •  Optimist BLUE MAGIC AUS 1680 $3875 Ready to race: Immaculate Condition Full regatta spare parts (too many to list) 1 x Black Gold Rig 1 x Magic marine top cover 1 x Optiparts bottom cover 1 x Dolly 1 x Measurement Book Ready to race: FOILS INCLUDED 1 x Training Foils 1 x DSK foils 2 x Foil Covers SAILS INCLUDED 1 x North V4 (Good) 1 x North MZX4 (VGood) 1 x Olympic Gold (VGood) 1 x J Red (1 x Regatta only) All sails measured with certificates

Contact: David


 Ph: 0413470099




  •  2013 Far East Optimist • Excellent condition

  • Fibreglass Hull• Full racing rig • Top hull cover, spar bag and foil bag • 2 x Bailers, paddle, air bags • Mast clamp Folding dolly - only used once • Optimist Association registration, measurement book and certifi cate Currently stored in Wahroonga NSW 

Susie Baber 0414 897 927






  • Far East Optimist – AUS 1407  Supermaxi

  • Location: Greenwich Sailing Club (always stored indoors)

    2013 Far East Optimist – ready to sail and race, Hull in great condition – immaculately cared for.

    P4 North racing sail (including bag) with Championship spars

    Far East training sail (including bag)

    Far East Epoxy Race foils (including foil bag)


    Bailer, Paddle, Wind Indicator, Beach trolley, Top cover, Mast Clamp, Measurement book, Air bags only 18 months old

Contact: Lynda Fisher 0421 055 912 


$2400 ono

Nov 2017



  •  If you are considering upgrading for racing, Groova 2 is perfect. Set up and ready to race!
  • Purchased 2016: raced in regattas 2016/17 season
  • McLaughlin Racer ex charter hull/
  • Race spars/2 sails in excellent condition.
  • Beach Dolly, top and bottom covers included.


Peter 0419143 342  $3500 neg   Aug 2017


Opitmist For Sale

  • Hardly used. Good condition.  Rose Bay, Sydney.



Nick 0417482600 $2000 Aug 2017
  • Optimist for sale 2013 Model
  • Great condition Far East boat, 
  • located in Canberra. 
  • Mostly sailed in fresh water. Includes 2 sails, one training one J Sail Mast, Sprit, boom Mast Clamp, 2 bailers, paddle, tow rope Foils Top and Bottom Covers, Dolly Wind indicator, Air bags IODA Rego book.


Gowrie ACT Contact:


$2200  July 2017
  • Comes with 2 sails one in fair condition the other in excellent condition and used in the Opti Worlds last year.
  • Racked at Northbridge Sailing Club.
  • The Hull and Foils are in excellent condition.
  • Comes with top and bottom cover both in excellent condition.
  • Mast , Sprit and Boom all in very good condition.
  • Beach Dolly in good condition.
  • Mast bag is new, purchased in January 2017.
  • Up to date IODA registration book.

Richard Westwood



$ 2250  July 2017 

AUS 1507  

  •  Far East Championship Hull with IODA Rego & Measurement book – Purchased March 2014 and used for for 2 summer seasons.

  •  J-Sail, tell tails and measurement certificate

  •  Black Gold Spars with Optiparts Mast Clamp

  • Far East Championship Epoxy Foils

  •  Padded Foil  Bag

  • Harken Race Rigging with Harken T40 blocks

  •  Harken 57 Carbo Ratchet Block

  •  Dolly with full rubber wheel

  • Far East Deck and Hull covers, tow Rope, 2 Bailers, Paddle


Donna Warren 0421 241 824  $3300   July 2017


  • Ozi-Opti Optimist in very good condition, presently at RPAYC, Pittwater.
  • Included in this sale are:
  • one training sail + one barely used race sail (J Sail) 
  • Blackgold mast, Blackgold sprit + one Optiparts silver sprit
  • Epoxy rudder and foil in foil bag
  • Top and bottom hull covers
  • towrope, bailer, hiking straps, mast clamp, paddle, wind indicator
  • recently replaced stern air bag.
  • IODA Registration and Measurement book.
  •  Ready to race!

Call Patrick Heller: 0407434219


$2000  May 2017 


  •  2013 hull in excellent condition
  • Brand new Olympic Platinum Sail
  • New Spars - Mark IV Optimax Gold Spars (Mast/Boom/Sprit and2nd set of Spars Black Gold & 2nd training sail
  • Beach Trolly
  • Mast Clamp
  • Magic Marine Top Covers plus hull cover
  • Located at Hunters Hill
Call Mark Durran 0412 248 243  $3,000   May 2017 
SZ 4591  


  • XSP hull – good condition
  • Mast, boom & sprit
  • 1 x J-Blue racing sail (excellent condition)
  • 1 x J-Blue training sail (good condition)


  • Centreboard, rudder & foils bag
  • 3 x Airbags
  • Opti-Wind indicator
  • Mainsheet
  • Boat cover
  • Beach trolley
  • Singapore Registration certificate
  • Sail measurement certificate
  • Box of assorted ropes and chords

Can be transported from Canberra to Sydney or South Coast (Sydney to Batemans Bay) for a nominal charge.



Peter Burns on 0410 599 456

Or email burnsjansen@internode.on.net


$1850   Jan 2017


Principal Partner


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2018 NSW Optimist Championship
24 - 25 March 2018
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 

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