2014 World Championship Report

Are you interested in going to the 2.4 Opem worlds 2014?

Open 2.4mR Worlds 
National Yacht Club
Toronto, Canada. Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, 2014

Lets see if we can get a container to Canda or we charter. Whos keen?

The 2014 International 2.4mR World Championship will take place at the NYC in late September, early October 2014. This will mark the first time the event is held in Canada. National Yacht Club has a local fleet of approximately fifteen 2.4mR boats that are very active on the racing circuit. 

 This will be the 26th time sailors from around the world will gather to compete. The 2.4mR is a 14-foot single-handed keelboat where the occupant sits facing forward. It is an extremely stable boat and is easy to sail but requires a high degree of skill to race at the top of the leader board.

 This boat is the most versatile in the world as it allows a wide range of people to sail as equals. It accommodates old/young, male/female, and disabled/able-bodied sailors. Everyone races together and the first to cross the finish line wins.

 The regatta will draw over 60 competitors including sailors from countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, United States, Canada and others. Racing will take place on open waters of Lake Ontario. For further information visit the event web site: www.toronto2014worlds.com or www.thenyc.com.