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OK Measurement Certificates & Registration

There are a number of State and National OK Association events coming up and it is important that you have your boats current with both measurement and registration. It is a requirement of entry in any Association event that your boat is compliant with the International OK Rules and has a current measurement certificate with all details correct, and the certificate is in your name (not a previous owner).
If these are not the case, then either your entry may not be accepted or your results may not be recorded.
If you have recently modified any part of your boat or rig, or if you have added or replaced equipment, including sails or mast, then it is necessary for those modifications or additions to be measured by an authorised association measurer, at present, Andre Blasse in Victoria and Roger Blasse as the National Association Measurer, David Ketteridge in South Australia, and Tim Davies in NSW. Please note that this is something that should be completed well before your participation in a regatta.
Once your boat has been measured and certified as compliant by the association measurer, if there are changes noted on the original certificate, this should then be submitted to Yachting Australia and a new Measurement Certificate will be issued. It is not acceptable to continue to use the certificate that has been modified by the measurer as any changes must be recorded by the national registrar.
Further details and applicable forms may be found at: Link and  Link 2
It is better to get things sorted out at the local level and early rather than travel to an event and find out the hard way. While it’s a little bit of extra work for each individual it is all about maintaining the integrity of the class for the benefit of all who race in the class now and in the future – nothing personal, but also no excuses for not complying with the class rules.
It is also important to note the current YA Special Regulations for Off the Beach Boats, R9 – Hull Identification. It is necessary to have the boats name, sail number and yacht club in legible lettering on the stern of the boat. This is primarily a safety regulation in case a sailor gets separated from a boat in adverse conditions and to facilitate the mounting of a search.
It is also a requirement that any participating sailor have appropriate insurance, both equipment and personal. Most boat insurance will cover property damage and injury to third parties, but not personal injury. Yachting Australia membership, through one of the MYAs (e.g. Yachting Vic), provides a level of personal insurance and therefore is also required. Current and future regatta Notice of Race and entry forms will require membership of both YA and the OK Association before entry will be accepted.
So, it is important for us as an association and all of us as individuals to ensure we are observing and are compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations governing our sport. A simple check list to consider as preparation for any upcoming event:
1.       Are you a financial member of the OK Association (e.g. International OK Association of Vic, Inc.)?
2.       Are you a financial member of a local yacht club?
3.       Are you a current, financial member of your regional MYA of Yachting Australia (usually paid through your local club)?
4.       Is your boat and all racing equipment compliant with the current International OK Rules and has been measured by an official State Measurer?
5.       Do you have a current YA Measurement Certificate (in your name and updated with any endorsements)?
6.       Do you have boat insurance and third-party cover of a minimum of $5,000,000?
7.       Is your sail number correct and the necessary signage on the stern of your boat so it may be correctly identified during racing and in case of emergency?

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