Laser and Laser Radial Class

Friday 16 Jan - Laser start
Friday 16 Jan - Laser start
The Laser, an Olympic class, is a popular single handed dinghy sailed mainly by senior members of the Club. There is a strong fleet currently racing from SBSC and nearby clubs. The Laser Radial is another popular option, with the same hull but a smaller sail for younger or lighter sailors. The Laser 4.7 is also becoming popular with teenagers leaving junior classes.
Laser 4.7 uses a short pre-bent lower mast to maintain a balanced helm and a sail area that is 35% smaller than the Laser Standard.   Ideal for younger sailors between 35 – 55 kg.
Laser Radial is the next step up and uses a more flexible and slightly shorter lower mast together with a sail area 18% smaller than the Laser Standard.   The Laser Radial has a large following with national and international regattas and World Open &Youth Championships attracting as many countries and competitors as the Laser Standard Rig.   Ideal for a crew weight of 55 – 70 kg.
Laser Standard can be sailed by any weight in light winds, but as the wind increases it is better suited to higher sailor weights, typically over 60 kg.

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Racing at the 2009 Laser World Championship in Halifax, Canada
Tom Slingsby at 2009 Laser World Championship
Up close and personal with the Laser fleet
Radial Start Day 1 of Racing
Ryan Palk, Qld
Laser Full Rig Fleet
Laser action 2

2019 Summer of Sailing at SBSC

International Cadet Nationals 
27 Dec 2018 --> 3 Jan 2019

International Optimist Nationals
3 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019


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