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Marine Licence Requirements 

In Victoria, every driver of a motor boat or a yacht with a motor must have a valid marine licence. However there are exemptions allowed to cover situations such as overseas coaches coming to an event like this.

The Marine Safety Act 2010 states under Division 4—Exemptions from requirement to hold marine licence

57 Exemptions applying to licences issued outside Victoria
(1) A person is exempt from the requirements to hold a marine licence if the person—
(a) has an appropriate licence granted, or certificate or other authority issued, in another State or a Territory and who was ordinarily resident in the granting or issuing State or Territory at the time of grant or issue; or
(b) has an appropriate licence granted, or certificate or other authority issued, in another country and written in the English language or accompanied by an accurate English translation and who was ordinarily resident in that country at the time of grant or issue— that authorises the person to be the master of a registered recreational vessel of that class.

Therefore under 1(b) coaches from outside Australia will need to have a licence and a translation, if it is not in English, on board with them, and also proof of identity documents as well.

Even though you may not need to hold a Victorian Marine Licence or do the exam, we will run a briefing and supply you with the handbook to assure compliance with Victorian boating and  waterway rules.
More information can be obtained from TSV at

Refuelling arrangements for coach boats

Coaches, we understand that you will need daily access to fuel for your boats. We have that arrangement at the Club but it is a bit rudimentary. Therefore we ask you to please follow the volunteers running this operation, and have patience.

We have fueling arrangements at the Club but we ask you to pay as you go with a credit or debit card at the fueling station. We will have full EFTPOS facilities to make it as easy possible for you. There will be NO credit or account facilities available; it is pay as you go only.

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