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The objective of the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule (ATYSBR), hereinafter called “the Rule”, is to provide a national system for even and fair racing on handicap in a mixed fleet of trailable yachts and/or sports boats, resulting in racing success being primarily determined by the skills of the crew.

The Rule will also provide a basis for the conduct of national and state-level championships for trailable yachts and sports boats, as well as for club and other events.

Forms to apply for a yacht CBH can be found at the end of the link herewith.

The report of the YA NTYSB Technical Committee Called "Review of ATYSBR & Appendix "A" National CBH List"  July 2017 can be founds at the following site:-
The Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule details together with the new CBH information can be found at the link below.



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