Yachts Sailing Instructions 2017-18

Change to sailing Instruction affecting Windward/Leeward courses as of 8/12/17


In stronger winds where Div 1 will benefit from a longer race, the sailing Committee have approved a change to the W/L Sailing Instructions to vary the number of laps Div 1 boats will sail for a specific race.

Amendment # 1 affecting section Attachment A -(Yacht Course maps for 2017-2018) of the Yacht Sailing Instructions 2017-18

"Number of laps for Div 1 and Div 2 for a specific race will be dispayed on a whiteboard situated on the stern of  the Race Control Vessel."

Ross Ahrens

Race Secretary WASC 8/12/2017

Notice Board

Winter Sailing

Time to enter our Winter Yacht Series. The Achenar (Spinnaker Series) starts 28th April and the Coomodore's Cup (Non-Spinnaker Series) the week after on the 4th of May.

The first Achenar Winter race of 2018 is on Saturday 28th April.
The first Commodores Cup Winter Race is on Saturday 4th May.

 Enter now using the Event Calendar or use the links below:

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April Newsletter

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