Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Trailer Sailer

Winter Trailer Sailer

Commodores Cup 2017

Commodores Cup 2017

Achenar Multihull 2017

Achenar Multihull 2017

Achenar 2017

Achenar 2017

Notice Board

 Amendment to Yacht sailing instructions affecting Tom Crowley and Jimmy Alan Summer series


Monthly meeting dates 

Meetings changed to second Tuesday of month starting@ 7.15pm

Memberhip on line application form

Click on link form

For Race entries

Click on Event Calendar and look for first race in the series you want to enter.

You can enter for one series or multiple series in one go.

Select the series you want and pay for all at once

Casual sailors can now select multiple entries in one go for a specific series.


Ross A

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