Keelboat Divisions

Keelboat racing will be conducted in the following divisions:

  • Racing - IRC/AMS and PHD racing in four divisions: A, B, C and D; over short windward-leeward courses and a long distance race. Keelboats that do not hold an IRC or AMS certificate may be entered in Division A, B, C or D at the Race Director's discretion. 

  • Cruising - AMS and PHD racing around fixed mark courses in two divisions: With Spinnaker and Without Spinnaker. One race per day scored as standalone races and as a series. 

Subject to race entries, Class and One Design racing will be accommodated and separately scored within these divisions. Invited classes will include Classic Yachts, Sydney 38s, S80s, Diamonds, Adams 10s and Bluebirds. 

Trailable Yachts and Sports Boats

CBH and SMS racing over short windward-leeward courses and a long distance race.

A valid SMS certificate is required for entry in the Sportsboat Division. 

Off-the-Beach Divisions

Entries will be invited from off-the-beach classes including: 29ers, 125, 420, 505, Contender, Flying Dutchman, Impulse, International Cadet, Jolly boat, Laser classes, Mirror, Minnow, multihulls, Musto Skiff, Optimists, Pacer, Sabre, Sharpies, Taser and Williamstown Sailing Club trailables. 

Divisions will be determined by YV yardstick according to the number of entries received. 

This year, the Lipton Cup Regatta will also make up the third leg of the OTB Marine Victorian Sailing Cup series. For these junior classes – International Cadet, Optimist and Minnow - points will apply as part of the OTB Marine Victorian Sailing Cup. Click here to see more info about the OTB Marine Victorian Sailing Cup

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