Members and their guests are able to use the club's grounds for camping for the purpose of participating in the sport of sailing. Member's guests should be encouraged to join the club by the member, if they wish to continue using the club's facilities.

Members should be in the company of their guests at all times and be responsible for their guest payments.

Campers are advised that camping under trees is dangerous due to the risk of limb fall. Campers stay at their own risk.

We strongly recommend that campers do not camp under trees.

Campers please:

  • Register on arrival. There is a registration sheet available in the amenities block.
  • NO GENERATORS please consider other campers
  • Keep the amenities and kitchen clean. There is limited equipment at the club, however we suggest you bring your own cleaning products. The facilities are connected to the town sewage system.
  • If you camp, you clean !
  • Use the firewood provided (if any). It is not appropriate to remove wood from the local forest or take wood from neighbouring properties.
  • Refrain from feeding the local wildlife.
  • Understand NO dogs are allowed on the club grounds.
  • Respect the rights of fellow campers and take every opportunity to conserve electricity.
  • Close all roller doors, gates and ensure all is secure before you leave.

Camping Fees

Payment: All fees must be paid by direct deposit, cheque or by payment to our starters on race days. Due to the risk of vandalism - no cash is kept on site.

Members: $5:00 per head, per night - 4 years of age and above

Member's Guests: Adult $8.00 each per night, children $5.00 each per night

A maximum of $20 per night applies to family groups.
A family is defined as one or two adults caring for up to 4 children.
Additional adults or children are charged as per the fees listed above.

Firewood Levy: Your club has to pay for the delivery of firewood. Accordingly we must ask for reimbursement of $ 5.00 per fire, per night. But please use the wood sparingly.






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