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Club Boats 

The club owns several boats that are available for the primary purpose of training and introduction to sailing. The boats are rigged in a deliberately simple manner. Where possible each of the boats should be and remain identical. This makes maintenance and instruction very much easier.

  • These boats are not available for general hire. 

  • Members (competent sailors) are encouraged to use the boats to introduce others to the sport of sailing

  • Members (competent in sailing dinghies) may use the boats when they're not being used for training or introducing potential members to our sport

  • The boats are available to external groups under the supervision of a competent member.

  • A half daily (or part thereof) maintenance fee of $15 applies to each boat.

  • Members wishing to use these boats need to book them with the Commodore.

Members must look after these boats as if they own them - they do - and undertake to repair any damage or replace any losses caused to the boat whilst under their care. Boats must never be put away damaged or with missing parts without reporting the loss or damage to the Commodore or a committee member. Preference for the boats' use will be given to organised sailing schools and to members who have just completed a learn to sail course.

Please note that the club rescue boat is available to supervise the safety of the sailing vessels and their crew. The rescue boat driver must have a Recreational Ship Masters Licence.















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