Junior Sailing at Tinaroo

Darcy Cant (aged 7)
Darcy Cant (aged 7)





This fun activity session takes place every club day from 10am and finishes by noon. Lead by one of our qualified instructors or coaches, Juniors will be put through their paces in a range of sailing drills and activities that will grow their skill levels. Kids are guaranteed to get wet and have a great time. If you have a Bic or a sailing boat, come along and join in. If you don't, see a commitee member about whether one of our club Bic's is available. The session costs $5.00 using your own boat or $15.00 using a club boat.


Junior Sailing at Tinaroo

We think Lake Tinaroo is one of the best places for kids to learn how to sail.

Sailing is best undertaken as a family pursuit, at least until your children are independent and capable of looking after themselves. Children will need assistance with rigging and derigging boats, getting sun-safe, finding food and changes of clothes and paying fees.

Sailing is a great way for children to learn organisational skills, patience, independence and self confidence, all in a supportive and fun water sports environment.

Juniors who are new to sailing should start by attending our learn to sail classes. When they have learnt the basic boat handling skills, they can join our Junior Training activity group (Sundays at 1000 on race days) or try racing or just sailing for fun.

Although the club has a number of boats that new sailors can try out, ultimately if your kids want to take up sailing they will need a boat. We recommend the O'pen Bic which our club has adopted as its "Junior class". This thoroughly modern little boat is ideal in so many ways for the beginning sailor in the 21st Century.

A brand new boat on a trolley can be delivered to your door in NQ for under $4,000! Second hand Bics in good condition are usually available as younger children progress into senior classes. These are often in the price range of between $2000-$3000  and there are always more young children looking to get into the sport that helps provide a ready market for boats that have been "outgrown".


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Biccie Salute 2011
Kate Reid enjoyed the brisk breezes last weekend on her O'pen Bic


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