Our Tinaroo Sailing Club membership year is 1 July to 30 June and a yearly fee is payable.

In these fees you as a sailing member will be required to pay the full Yachting Queensland Sailing Registration fee applicable. Upon paying this fee you will be registered with a current AS number - Australian Sailing number.  This AS number was your previous YA number or Silver Card number.


In order for members to comply with the Racing Rules of Sailing and/or benefit from the Personal Accident Insurance policy they are required to be registered with AS number and be a financial member, so an additional amount is payable on top of the Club Membership fee for this.    

YEARLY Fees to 30 June 2018:

$195 - Adult Sailing Member:

($110 TSC Membership and $85 AS Fee)

$140 - Second Adult Sailing Member:

($55 TSC Membership and $85 AS Fee)

$80 - Youth Sailing Member, under 19:

($30 TSC Membership and $50 AS Fee)

$50 - Youth Sailing 2nd & 3rd Youth:

must accompany  Sailing Members - part of family membership fee

($0 TSC Membership and $50 AS Fee)

$50 - Adult Non-Sailing Member:

must accompany Sailing Members - part of family membership

($50 TSC Membership and NO AS fee -non-sailing)


$22 - Club Key (optional) p/a - also applies to lost keys

please note we are unable to issue two keys for each family.

$31 New Membership fee

$31 Rejoining fee after lapse of membership


Please note:

To participate in Club events sailors MUST be financial sailing members and be affiliated with Australian Sailing.   

Each boat must have a minimum of $10 Million Third Party Insurance (available through for a reduced rate from Nautilus Marine).

Boat Storage:

Membership of this club does not automatically entitle you to boat storage. Limited storage is available to regular sailors on separate application. For details of the process and fees that apply please see the Boat Storage section of our website.

Application for New Membership:

To apply for TSC membership - please complete the form and return it to the club.  The form will go to the next Committee meeting for approval.  You will then be invoiced for the fees. (Pro-rata memberships may be available at the committee's discretion).  Please pay upon receipt of invoice and you will be provided with a key (if requested) and your Australian Sailing Number details shortly thereafter.  Your future renewals will be completed electronically through our website renew membership portal.


Members agree to abide by our Constitution and By Laws including our Member Protection Policy, all viewable under the club information tab.



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