This form can be used by members and non-members alike but please only use it for it's intended purpose.

It works as follows:
If you are a member and
 - a skipper looking for crew an email will be sent to all members.
 - looking to crew an email will be sent to all skippers.
 - we don't have your email address on file or you have recently changed your email address please let us know via this form.

If you are not a member
 - an email will first be sent to the club's email address where they will verify that is not spam before forwarding it on.

In the 'Your message' box please provide contact details if you wish to be contacted by some means other than email. If you are not a member please include such details as your previous sailing experience and the type of sailing you would like to participate in.

Just so you know, emails are sent immediately on clicking the 'Send email' button.



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