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When a Referee begins the journey to develop his/her CRAFT the focus is on the GIVENS: LAW & FITNESS. This is a reasonable requirement but to climb the ladder of success a Referee needs to build on the base to ensure he/she has not only the SHOTS but has the GAME! Some of those requirements are:


CREDIBILITY: Here the Referee sets the bar height through DECISIONS and OUTCOMES in the CONTEXT of the game. Soft calls often impact on the game, create player frustration and tension which results in unwanted attention to the Referee for all the wrong reasons.


POSITIONING: This is required in all aspects of play whether it be the kick off, play the ball, Red zone or in goal. The Referee’s ability to read play and adjust accordingly can have either a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE influence on the OUTCOME of the game.


COMMUNICATION: Some Referees are all TALK but no WALK! SELECTIVE timely talk gets the required result and assists in reducing penalties, especially those DISCRETIONARY ones. Tagging players early is a simple but effective action.


AWARENESS: Be in the right place at the right time. PRESENCE is a great deterrent to player indiscretions and a facilitator for Referee QUALITY DECISIONS and OUTCOMES.

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