2017-18 Fixtures Message


Please take the time to read this message.  I am aware there is a lot of information to absorb but it is all important and relevant for the season ahead.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and going boggle-eyed with spreadsheets, I have completed the fixtures schedules and these are attached.  I believe I have managed to meet the vast majority of your requests for scheduling of your home fixtures.  I will send each club a separate note with an extract of your fixtures onto one worksheet for each club.

This season I needed to schedule the different divisions on different cycles:

  • The reason behind this is that we will again be operating a 2-phase programme for the Premier division.  I have scheduled Phase 1 across 10 weeks, up to 21st January 2018.  That is a hard deadline and no reschedules will be permitted beyond that date as I will need to issue the draw ahead of Phase 2.
  • If I were to schedule the Ladies’ division and Foundation league across the same period, then those programmes would be finished by the end of January.  Or, more to the point, they wouldn’t and we would just end up with a whole bunch of matches being rescheduled until later in the season.  So I have scheduled those 2 divisions on a longer cycle which will see them finish in March.
  • The way I have scheduled the fixtures means that each team has a few blanks in the schedules.  This is particularly important for those teams playing National League as it avoids at least some of the clashes with the NVL fixture programmes.
  • I have managed to avoid clashes with NVL for Dartford Men, completely. Maidstone Ladies have 1 clash, which it should be possible to reschedule across the other ‘spare’ weeks.
  • Dartford ladies were more of a challenge as they have potential NVL commitments on 18 of the 24 weeks across the cycle (and that’s before they receive any further National Cup matches in the New Year!)  But what I have managed to put together should be manageable for them (they are old hands at it, by now – collectively, of course – no age inferences intended).  But please try to help them by being flexible with fixture requests and try to make contact well ahead of schedule to give them a chance to confirm availability.

At this point I await confirmation of who will be the fixtures secretary for Dartford-Oasis, and will advise you as soon as I know.  This is a new Prem team under the Dartford umbrella.  Their plan is to try to arrange their home fixtures at a variety of venues – quite possibly at the ‘Away’ team’s home venue.  A band of travelling minstrels, effectively (but without the singing).

The proposed format for the Premier Division also means that we have a hard deadline of 21st January 2018 to complete matches in Phase 1 (format for 2017-18 is set out below).  At that point I will need to have provided teams with schedules for Phase 2, which commences from 28th January 2018 (but the first fixture week of Phase 2 will most likely be the week ending 11th Feb 2018).

The format for the Premier division this season will be 2 pools of 4 teams in Phase 1.

  • Within each pool, the teams will play each other home and away.
  • At the end of Phase 1, the top 2 teams from Pool A and top 2 teams from Pool B will move into a new Winners Pool, and will play each other once.  The winner of the Winners Pool will be Premier Division Champions.
  • The bottom 2 teams from each Pool will go into a Runners-Up Pool and play each other once.  These teams will be playing for 5th to 8th positions in the League.

A few further reminders for you:

1.  Please remember that fixtures are to be played in the week specified in the schedule.  If a fixture is re-arranged between 2 teams, by mutual agreement, then please remember that you must inform me (KCVA Rule 6).  This applies to fixtures which are ‘postponed/delayed’, of course – if, by agreement, you play the match earlier than in the schedule, then please just go ahead and do that – no need to tell us (just send in the result!).

If you identify a hotspot in the fixture programme, please try to play the match ahead of the scheduled slot wherever possible, rather than delay/postpone it.


2.  Please remember that if you do not play a match in the scheduled week, and do not advise the Committee of the reasons why (Rule 6 again), the fixture may be declared null and void.  I will again be monitoring how the fixture programme is being kept on track, and intend to send e-mail reminders where results appear to be missing.


3.  Cup matches will be played during April, with Finals Day likely to be during May, 2017.  Details to follow in the New Year.


4.  The first fixture week is week ending Sunday 21st September 2017.  Please start looking to organise your first matches now.  If anyone wishes to play matches ahead of that time, please go ahead and do so.


5.  I do not yet have any details of the SEVA tournament for 2018.  I anticipate being asked about SEVA nominations during March 2018.  As in previous years, I will make nominations based on League positions at the end of March (close of leagues), so please make sure there are no missing results which might mean you miss out on a potential nomination.


6.  Please remember that all results must be e-mailed through to me at razors2011@virginmedia.com and to Graham Goodwin at grahambtgoodwin@hotmail.com the day after the match takes place.  Please take a scanned copy of the scoresheet (or try to get a decent quality copy on your camera/phone, perhaps?).  Please do not wait until you have a collection of results to send in – send them individually, straight after the match.  I will be putting the results and updated league tables on the KCVA website as regularly as I can.


7.  Please remember that there is a checklist (attached and uploaded to the KCVA website – see Competitions tab, Stationery sub-menu) which I would ask you to ensure you complete at every match to help ensure that the information which we (Results secretaries) need from a scoresheet is actually there (based on common errors seen last season).  I don’t need it to be emailed along with the scoresheet but please make sure you use it.

Please also check the quality of the photo / scan of the scoresheet prior to sending to the Results secretaries.  If you can’t read it very well, we won’t be able to, either!!  We don’t want to have to return poor quality scoresheets marked “fail / cannot read – please resubmit”


8.  Please also remember that MVPs must again be completed for each match, including the Foundation League.  This needs to be written in the Remarks section of the scoresheet, and must be in the format:  “Strood choose player:  name + KCVA registration number”.  One player to be chosen for each team.  Please make sure you write out the names clearly on the scoresheets.


9.  Please remember that you must advise the Away team of the fixture at least 2 weeks ahead of the match taking place [ KCVA Rule 7 (a) ].


10.  The portal for Affiliation to Volleyball England for the period from 1st August, 2017 is now open on the VE Website.  Please let me have a copy of your Affiliation certificate before the first KCVA fixture week of the season.


11.  I will send an email to each team to let them know entry fees to be paid this season.  Please ensure these are paid by 30th September 2017.


12.  Finally, I also attach a list of when I understand clubs/teams will play their home fixtures.  If any of these details are incorrect please advise me immediately, so I can re-circulate for clubs to use in their fixture planning.


  • Match schedules – fixture diary and schedule of matches (excel spreadsheet and pdf copy).
  • Copy of Home fixture days / times for each club.
  • Copy of a results template for those of you who are not able to scan or take photos of the scoresheets.  This can be e-mailed to Graham / me – see point 6 above.
  • Copy of a scoresheet which is approved for use in Foundation League ONLY.
  • List of Committee Members for 2017-2018 (not posted on website).  We would love to have a few people – particularly some of our younger players – to get involved as Committee Members (without specific ‘portfolio’).  If you know of anyone who would be interested, please let me know.  We are unlikely to hold more than 4 committee meetings per season.
  • List of Team secretaries (version 1)(not posted on website).  Please check your club/team details and let me know of any amendments required.
  • KCVA Rules as approved at this year’s AGM.
  • KCVA scoresheet Checklist

Good luck to all for the season ahead.  If anyone has any questions, please ask. 

Ian Ruddock

Secretary, Kent County Volleyball Association

Notice Board

2018-19 Fixtures have been cascaded to team secretaries.  See Competitions tab for details.  In particular, see Fixtures/Results and 2018-19 Fixtures message sub-menus.

Finals Day line-up now available on the News tab.  Sunday 3rd June at Dartford Technology College.

Cup and Plate semi-final draw for 2017-18 season is now confirmed - please see KO Cups tab for details.

Minutes from the SEVA AGM held on 14th August have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab.

Draft minutes from the AGM held on 20th July 2017 have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab

Updated Rules have been added, following changes agreed at the AGM – please see Governance tab

Diary Dates:

  • AGM to be held at The Spitfire, King's Hill on Thursday 20th July from 20:00. Details have been sent to all club and team secretaries.

Cup Draw now showing on website - see KO Cups sub menu. Finals Day is confirmed for Sunday 21st May, from 11:00



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