Foundation League Code of Conduct

Kent County Volleyball Association – Foundation League Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Foundation division is to provide match-play volleyball for beginners and for those who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to participate in the more competitive divisions of the Kent League. The aim is to promote enjoyable, recreational volleyball in an informal match situation that is free from the more intense partisanship that often characterises the senior divisions.

Minimal rules apply to the Foundation division: there is no requirement for player registration cards; there is a specially adapted, simplified, score-sheet; there are no medals or prizes, although (essentially to encourage junior players) an MVP nomination option is available. Match officials are encouraged to apply a measure of flexibility in such things as ball handling, to enable the match to proceed without undue interruption.

It has, nevertheless, become apparent to the committee over the past season that some of these aspects and expectations have not always been appreciated by participating teams. The committee has, therefore, considered it desirable and appropriate to spell out a number of basic requirements that teams are expected to observe in order to safeguard the essential ethos of Foundation division matches. They are:

  • Teams are required to have 6 players on court at all times. If this cannot be achieved, the match, if it proceeds, will be treated as an informal friendly and will not be recorded as a properly constituted Foundation division match.
  • The participation of Kent League or National League registered players is strongly discouraged unless a shortage of otherwise eligible players renders that course unavoidable. The rules already stipulate that NVL players are not permitted to take part in Foundation division matches without the express permission of the Kent League. If a team has sufficient available eligible Foundation division players on the day, the expectation is that those players will have court priority over Kent and National League registered players.
  • If, owing to a lack of sufficient eligible players, the participation of Kent or National League players is unavoidable, the expectation is that they will adapt their standard of play to a level that is broadly consistent with Foundation division standards.  Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • modify frontline and backline hitting:
      • the objective should be to ‘test’ the opposition by placement of the ball, rather than simply bypass them through power spikes
      • if a player is jumping to play a ball (whether in the front or the back court), they should tip or roll-hit the ball rather than spike it
    • modify power of service:
      • overhand serves should not be made from, for example, 5-10 metres behind the baseline with the express intention of imparting significant swerve and/or dip on the ball at pace
      • jump power serves are not permitted

It should be remembered that Foundation division teams will include players who are new to the game / juniors. In addition to being outside the spirit of the Foundation division, the use of excessive power by players from senior divisions poses a risk of injury to inexperienced players, which is not acceptable.

KCVA Committee, 6 June 2017

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