Draft Minutes - AGM 2018

Minutes Of The AGM Of The Kent County Volleyball Association Held At

The Spitfire, Kings Hill, Kent on 19th July 2018 at 8pm


Ian Ruddock, KCVA/Strood (“IR”)

Jim Baker, KCVA/Dartford (“JB”)

Steve Wanstall, Strood

Jody Specht, Dartford-Oasis (“JS”)

Graham Goodwin, KCVA (“GG”)

Val Grisenkov, Bexley

Sandra Jordan, Tonbridge (“SJ”)

Mark Salmon, Tonbridge (“MS”)

Paula A’Bear, KCVA/Strood (“PAB”)

Tim Bown, KCVA/Dartford (“TB”)

Alice Marcu, Maidstone (“AM”)

Leah Howel, Maidstone

Martin Restorick, Rainham (“MR”)

Lynn Robinson, Rainham

Steve Robinson, Rainham

Rachel Hynes, Dartford

Apologies for absence were received from or on behalf of Bruce Hertogs (Team Medway) and Stuart Duffin (Dartford).

The minutes of the last AGM (20.7.2017) had been circulated previously and were approved by the meeting. There were no matters arising. JB signed a copy of the minutes by way of confirmation.

A total of 15 voting cards was issued to members attending the meeting.

Chairman’s Welcome

JB welcomed everyone to the 40th AGM of the Kent County Volleyball Association.

JB reminded the meeting of the voting entitlements in line with the Association’s Constitution.

Chairman’s Report

JB wished to record his appreciation to all those whose efforts during the season had contributed to the completion of the league programme and helped raise the profile of Kent Volleyball. JB offered the following comments and observations:

  • JB noted that IR had now completed nearly 30 years as KCVA secretary. JB recognised that IR’s inputs and outputs were significant in the effective administration of Kent Volleyball.
  • JB noted that IR’s minutes of last year’s AGM were extensive – running to some 10 pages – but that they were informative, representative and comprehensive. They reflected quite how much business last year’s meeting had covered. This is important when we consider that minutes are shared with Volleyball England.
  • JB recognised that the current committee brought considerable experience to the running of KCVA, but at the same time he repeated IR’s pre-AGM request that the committee would benefit from the addition of new blood, bringing fresh ideas.Thanks to club and team secretaries for helping to smooth the running of league and cup competitions.
    • JB commented that if there were people at clubs who complained about the way KCVA is run, then they should put themselves forward to join the committee and do something about it, instead of being critical from a distance.
  • Thanks also to those who helped out at Finals Day, this year, including JS, AM and Cathy Chaudry.
  • Thanks also to those who represented KCVA and assisted with the running of the SEVA tournament in May.
  • JB also wished to record his thanks to those whose contribution to Kent Volleyball is a little less obvious, including:
    • those who give up their time to coach and deliver volleyball in schools (satellite clubs, etc.)
    • all those who give their time to referee Kent matches. JB noted that Ian Ruddock and Paula A’Bear had been especially active on this front, last season.
    • helpers at some of the ‘fashionable’ sports days (e.g. sitting volleyball at the Vice Chancellors Sports Day at CCCU or the Kent & Medway business games at Strood LC).
    • IR also commented that Tom Middleton still regularly delivers sitting volleyball to a range of age and ability groups across Kent (notwithstanding his Handball commitments).

JB wished to record his congratulations to the season’s winners:

Leagues & Cups


Team Medway-1



Stan Hastie Cup


June Morgan Ladies Cup


Mens Plate




Premier Division

Karol Wysokinski (Maidstone)

Juris Solovjovs (Rainham)

Felicity Milligan (Tonbridge)

Ladies Division

Alice Marcu (Maidstone)

Marta Menclikowska (Strood)

Foundation League

Jindapoorn Yates (Tonbridge)

Stan Hastie Cup Final

Avory Fedee (Strood)

June Morgan Ladies Cup

Cathy Chaudry (Dartford)

Mens Plate Final

Ghena Coroi (Dartford-1)

JB noted that there had been no medals for our NVL teams but all had survived to continue their campaigns next season; Maidstone Ladies continue in Div 3 next season. Dartford Ladies would compete in W2S again and Dartford Men in M3S.

JB wished to offer his congratulations to Dartford Ladies for their efforts at this year’s SEVA championships.   Notwithstanding losing 2 players in the semi-final due to an unfortunate injury to one, with the other having to take the injured player to A&E, they were narrowly beaten in the Final by SEVA U-17 Girls (despite scoring 3 points more on aggregate).   Final scores were (SEVA U-17 first) 21-18 / 12-21 / 15-12. The SEVA U-17 girls were using the tournament to help with their preparations for the Inter-Regional championships the following weekend (where they finished 2nd in the tournament, behind the North West).   It was acknowledged that they were not actually a league team playing in any of the counties and that effectively Dartford should be recorded as this season’s champions.

JB noted that the question of player eligibility to take part in Cup semi-finals and finals had cropped up during the season.

  • JB recalled that many years ago a couple of well-known senior English NVL clubs had entered what were effectively junior teams into the Kent league.
  • Regrettably, the senior players started to appear in the cup squads and notably so when it came to semi-final and final stages of the competition. The end result was that those teams bore little or no resemblance to those which had played in the league all season.
  • It was viewed that this was unfair to KCVA teams; hence the introduction of what is now Rule 4(f), requiring players to play in at least 3 league matches before being eligible to take part in semis or finals.
  • JB advised that there had been circumstances in the season just ended where a variation from the rule had been agreed:
    • The circumstances were specific e.g. shortage of players due to absence/injury.
    • A defined pecking order had been set out which gave priority on court to available players who already met the eligibility criteria.
    • Players who did not meet the qualifying criteria would also be subject to the same pecking order principle i.e. players having played 2 league matches would have priority over those only having played 1 match.
    • JB felt that this had been a perfectly reasonable and practical solution, which helped to sustain the principle that the players/teams participating in the latter stages of the cup competitions should mirror as closely as possible the composition of the team(s) which had played in the league all season.
  • JB repeated his requests from last year’s AGM that members / players should take the time to Read, Understand, Memorise and Apply the League’s rules. Also to continue to improve comms with the league secretary where information has been requested by him.


Secretary’s Report

IR commented that he had seen further comment concerning Individual Membership in VE’s 2017 AGM minutes, although there were no traces of any such proposal in the pre-2018 AGM papers that he could see.   It’s probable that VE have had significant Governance issues to overcome in the last 18 months (a condition of ongoing Sport England funding), so the IM question has probably had to take a back seat for the time being (but has clearly not gone away).

IR commented that it had once again been a challenging season for all of us. He had had more issues & problems to deal with / consult with the committee on than he could remember before.


IR commented that it was a bit of a shame that we hadn’t seen as much continuing development and participation as we would have hoped, of those people who took the Grade 4 Ref’s course at Maidstone last year.

  • The exceptions to that are Cathy, Alice and Shadi who have been active regularly throughout the season (and Cathy and Alice gained some additional experience with their helpful support at Finals Day).
  • Overall, IR believed the Kent Referees Facebook page had a positive impact this season, with teams sourcing refs on more occasions than they would otherwise have done. But there is still a long way to go as we do not have as many active (and available) qualified refs as we would like.


The Registrations process worked well for 2017-18.

  • IR reminded the meeting that it had been necessary to introduce new registrations documentation for next season – a later agenda item.
  • Teams have often been slow to tidy up their rosters before the season starts, but it is important that everyone gets on the case early, please:
    • There were 263 players registered on team rosters for this season – an increase of over 120 in the last 2 seasons.
    • However, from IR’s tracking of players throughout 2017-18, there are over 70 names on the rosters who did not play at all last season.
    • IR requested that team secretaries should take this season’s start as an opportunity to remove players from rosters who, realistically, are not going to play this coming season. If they suddenly reappear out of hibernation, it is very simple to get them added back in again.
    • IR also reminded clubs that if they wish to play a Foundation League player in any of their primary teams, then that player must go through the same registrations process as everyone else. Dispensation is given that we do not require players to be registered to play in the Foundation league, but they must be registered in order to play in any other division (Mens or Ladies).

Reward Points

IR reported that the Reward Points system had operated more or less as intended:

  • Only 3 league points had been awarded during the season – 1 each for Strood and Dartford Ladies and 1 for Strood Men.
  • Several other teams got close to earning an additional league point. But it needed to be remembered that we had never intended the system to be a ‘game-changer’.
  • IR reminded members present that he physically needed to see a ref’s registration card before being able to allocate Reward Points:
    • Unlike NVL player registrations, referee registrations are not published online, so that avenue is closed for validation purposes.
    • IR only needs to see the referee card once. If he were at a match and saw a referee’s card, he would accept that for the entire season (making a note of the registration number). It would, of course, be preferable for IR to hold a photo of the card so that he could prove to others that he had seen it, if challenged.
    • For active NVL referees, IR would accept that registrations are valid where they had been appointed by refcom (it is a requirement that they be registered for those appointments to be made).

Fixtures 2017-18

IR thanked all clubs and teams for sticking to the fixture schedules.

  • All matches in Ladies division were completed.
  • 2 matches did not get played in the Premier division, including the decider for the runners-up pool between Oasis and Rainham, which was a bit of a shame.
  • 9 fixtures from 30 were not completed in the Foundation League, but that’s somewhere around par for the course.   Very well done to Tonbridge who were the only team to complete all their 10 Foundation matches.

The schedule became demanding at the end of the season when the Cup competition came into view.

  • The shifting of a Dartford NVL match from February wiped out one of the spare weeks IR had factored in for Dartford men and it had quite a knock-on effect.
  • We had limited spare weeks in April for the first phase of the cup competition and zero spare weeks in May, as it transpired.
  • But well done to all the teams for getting the cup matches played – often these were played at the away team’s venue!

IR commented that he had been fortunate to referee 2 of the best matches in KCVA that he had seen for many years:

  • The Premier Division decider between Maidstone and Team Medway was a corker of a match, with Medway winning 15-13 in the final set. Only 8 points between the teams over the course of 5 sets.
  • But this was later eclipsed by the Cup semi-Final match between Maidstone and Strood. It had everything: powerful serving and hitting, strong blocking and fantastic defence. Only 4 points between the teams over the 5 sets. What a shame we had no live streaming!

Fixture schedules 2018-19

From what IR could see of the provisional NVL schedule for next season, it looked like being just as big a challenge, with very few weeks currently showing as ‘spare.’ IR asked that to give him a fighting chance of doing anything meaningful, please remember that he needed to know:

  • teams for the coming season
  • teams’ wishes to have home fixtures synchronised / opposite
  • Tonbridge Sunday dates already booked through 2018-19.
  • He also needed to know NVL commitments as soon as possible, please. He suspected that some of the fixture rounds may become ‘available’ once a few triangular fixtures are set up.
  • IR reminded the meeting that it takes him about 5 days to do everything and check for best fit. So the reality is that he only gets one go at it as he had no desire to start the process all over again.


As IR had mentioned at Finals Day, the Kent teams had mixed fortunes at the SEVA tournament.

  • Dartford ladies had been acknowledged as the true winners of the Ladies tournament as they lost a close final to a SE Regional U-17 squad which subsequently finished 2nd in the National Under-17 Inter-Regional competition the following weekend.
  • Maidstone ladies (with a little support from Medway) finished 8th of 9 teams.
  • Team Medway men finished joint 9th, with a slightly depleted squad.
  • Maidstone Men finished 8th.   It’s fair to say they found themselves in a really strong pool, with 4 teams fairly evenly matched.
    • Maidstone finished 4th in the pool but saved their best result of the day for their penultimate match, when they beat the eventual tournament champions (Maidenhead) by a single point over 2 sets.
    • It was Maidenhead’s only defeat of the day. Richmond were the only other team to take a set off them.
    • It was also worth noting that the 2 teams progressing from Maidstone’s pool were resounding winners in the semi-finals. Both matches went 2-0 and the opposition failed to score more than 14 points in any set.
    • Maidenhead beat Richmond in the final, 15-11 in the deciding set.

Finals Day 2018

IR thanked all who took part and/or gave their time on Finals Day.

  • There had been 3 good matches, rounded off by a really close Stan Hastie Cup Final, with Strood running out winners by 18-16 in the 5th set. Only 6 points separated the teams over the 5 sets.

IR offered the usual reminders:

  • Please start to collect your photos of new players, now.
  • Please remember that VE affiliation is due from 1 August. It lasts until 31 July 2019 and it is a mandatory requirement. He would expect all clubs to have completed affiliation by 1st September, or at the very latest before our leagues begin.
  • IR requested that members share news items which we can include on the KCVA Facebook site.


Treasurer’s Report

TB presented a set of accounts to the meeting which showed a small loss of £20 for the 2017-18 season.

  • The association’s finances were comparatively straightforward, with the only real items of expenditure being Finals Day (hall hire, medals) and KCVA contribution to SEVA entry fees.
  • There did not appear to have been any formal schools league last season (Katie Marriott’s maternity commitments).
  • It was suggested that entry fees for 2018-19 be kept at the same level as last season and this was unanimously agreed.


Ladies’ Representative’s Report

PAB reported that all Ladies fixtures had been completed in 2017-18.

There had been no issues/concerns which had been raised with her by the Ladies teams during 2017-18. It was recognised that fewer fixtures in the Ladies division made it easier to organise.

Paula reminded the meeting that she remains available to chat through any issues which require discussion or guidance.


Registrations Secretary’s Report

GG advised that he would keep any comments for later in the meeting, when the new registrations process is due to be discussed.


Miscellaneous Reports

No reports had been received from the Development Officer, Coaches’ Rep or Referees’ Rep.


New Registrations Process for 2018-19

IR had previously circulated details of the Rule changes proposed for consideration by the AGM.

A new registrations process and related documentation are required for next season as we are no longer able to source the plastic self-seal pouches used to produce individual registration cards.   The new procedure and documentation was discussed and approved unanimously at a KCVA committee meeting in February.

The new registrations documentation requires some amendments to the text of the KCVA rules. IR had previously circulated:

  • Summary of the changes
  • Tracked changes version of the current KCVA Rules, incorporating the new wording in relation to registrations.
  • Specimen Team Sheet to be used in accordance with Rule 4(d). It is not mandatory to use this document – a hand-written list presented to the scorer will suffice.
  • Example of new Team Roster.

GG advised that the new process would enable him to turn round new registrations more quickly than previously, as he would be able to email a new Team Roster instead of having to post one along with a new player registration card.

GG also advised that photos taken from the likes of Facebook generally did not give the desired resolution for addition to Team Rosters.

  • They might look ok when viewed on a mobile phone, but they do not print out well, at all.
  • They were probably ok to use in order to get an emergency registration number, but a proper photo should be taken to replace the low-resolution picture.
  • A photo of the player should be taken before the match start (if they are playing, they must be there!) and emailed to GG afterwards.

IR offered a number of observations concerning the new process:

  • The new procedures mirror those currently operating in the NVL.
  • They should, if used correctly, speed up the process of getting the scoresheet ready prior to a match.
  • Team captains/coaches would be able to turn up to a match with a ‘master team sheet’ of their players, listed in shirt number order. They would simply need to strike out those players who would not be participating in the match and hand it to the scorer.
  • This would help to iron out some of the wrinkles and scoresheet errors we had seen during the season e.g.:
    • an incorrect player name being recorded on the scoresheet – this was not spotted until after the match had finished (albeit this was still fundamentally an error by the match officials who should have spotted the error at the start of the first set, at the latest).
    • IR responded to a question concerning players being recorded on the scoresheet even though they may not be present at the start of a match. IR advised that the match officials should be made aware of them potentially arriving late (the referees ought to spot this, anyway, as part of their pre-match check protocols).
      • Such players may only take part in a set where they are present before the start of that set i.e. a player arriving midway through set 1 would not be eligible to participate until set 2. Any player who does not arrive at all should be struck from the scoresheet at the end of the match (or there could be an error in the count for K.O. Cup eligibility purposes).

The proposed Rule Changes were proposed by JS and seconded by PAB. The proposal was accepted unanimously.


Format for 2018-19

The meeting had previously agreed that league entry fees would remain unchanged from last season i.e. £45 for Premier Division and £40 for Ladies division. Foundation League to remain free of charge.

IR advised that he would begin work on the fixture programme as soon as he had a full list of teams, together with the additional information he needed (as set out earlier in the meeting).

There had been a suggestion about a change to the format for Premier Division phase 1, with all teams playing each other once and then the division splitting into top and bottom halves. The teams in the top half would then play each other one more time (the reverse fixture from phase 1). The same would happen in the bottom half. This was agreed to be a reasonable solution (it was unlikely that there would be enough spare weeks to complete a full 8-team home-and-away programme).

LH advised that Maidstone Ladies would not be able to commit to the Kent League this season due to a lack of players able to commit to NVL and KCVA programmes. The club had decided to concentrate on NVL for the Ladies team (in fairness, they get more fixtures and a wider variety in NVL).

LH also asked if Maidstone Ladies could be accepted to play in the KO Cup competition, notwithstanding that they would not play in the league. This threw up some issues about how best to achieve this:

  • On the face of it, this should be acceptable if all ladies’ teams are prepared to accept Maidstone Ladies into the competition.
  • However, MR raised the point that this would be at variance with Rule 4(f) as teams playing in the Kent league would be subject to it, yet Maidstone ladies would not (and would not be able to comply).
    • Various options and possible solutions were discussed to try to achieve an outcome which would achieve parity for participating Ladies teams but without necessarily compromising the rule.
    • It became clear that this would require some consideration by all concerned and it was agreed that it was not appropriate to try to formulate a proposal in haste at this meeting.
    • The Cup Draw would not be made before January and it was agreed that we would seek further feedback from all parties with a view to drawing up a proposal.


Election of Officers

  • The 6 current members of the committee were willing to stand for re-election in their current posts.
  • There had been no other nominations for any of the current committee posts.
  • A motion was made that the current committee members be re-elected en bloc (proposed: MS, seconded: SJ / MR)
  • The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

IR declared that the Development Officer and Coaches Representative posts were currently vacant, following Frank Wellings standing down at the end of last season. There were no nominations or volunteers wishing to be considered for the post.

IR enquired if there were members present who were willing to join the committee as members without specific portfolio.   Steve Wanstall, Alice Marcu and Rachel Hynes all confirmed they would be willing to do so.

  • A motion was proposed that all 3 be accepted as committee members (proposed: PAB, seconded: JS).
  • The motion was carried by unanimous vote.


Any Other Business

IR advised that he had received a request from Team Medway for some modest financial support towards a proposed Grade 4 Referees’ course planned for late September / early October.

  • This was part of the continuing development of Team Medway as a club, where they wished to become more self-sufficient and proficient in refereeing their KCVA and BUCS matches.
  • 14 students were already willing to attend the course and this would help increase the pool of qualified referees in KCVA.
  • IR suggested that it was a proposal he would in principle be willing to support, subject to a suggested figure of £10 per head (course fee £55) and an overall cap on KCVA commitment at £200.
    • IR also suggested that it would be appropriate for KCVA (non-Team Medway) candidates to have up to 6 spots available on the course. If these could be identified early, that would enable TM to decide which of their candidates would receive spots on the course to fill it up (although it was noted that previous courses had accepted more than the suggested maximum of 18).
  • IR suggested that it was also appropriate to seek some form of benefit to accrue to KCVA. The meeting discussed what that might look like and the following were agreed as appropriate / relevant:
    • £10 per head subsidy (KCVA candidates only).
    • Maximum £200.
    • Successful candidates in receipt of a subsidy would be expected to referee a minimum of 2 matches in KCVA (this could also be at Foundation level, which would be a more comfortable starting point for newly-qualified referees to gain match experience).
    • Candidates to register with the KCVA Kent Volleyball Referees’ Facebook group in order to see opportunities to officiate at matches.
    • The proposal was proposed by IR and seconded by RH. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10:21 p.m.

Ian Ruddock


21 July 2018

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